Monday, April 7, 2014

Skirting Through The Week -Day 1

Here is the first of a week full of skirts I made my little girlie, just what she needed to add a little spunk to her dull, wintery wardrobe.  The good news is, it isn't so wintery any more!!!  Even better, these flirty skirties will be fabulous this spring!

This fruity print is one of those fabrics I mentioned a while back, the ones I fell instantly in love with.  I love the bright, crisp images and the clean design of the print.  Like I said before, I had purchased this fabric last summer with intention of making some petal pushers or something, but just never had the time to actually make something out of it.  And now, we have a skirt.  Love iT!

I started this post about four hours ago.  I had every intention of telling you how I made the skirt, but after the crazy hours of making diagrams and trying to explain the way I assemble the skirts, I have run out of time.  I will have instructions for you soon.  Until then, come back every day this week and check out another one of Emmalee's fabulous new skirts!

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