Friday, May 7, 2010

50 Follower Give Away!!!

I am totally excited to see that I am up to 40 LOVELY, and rather gluten-for-punishment, followers!  I am so excited!!!  I am so excited, I think I want to throw a party!  Since it might be slightly more expensive than I can afford to fly you all here for the event, maybe we should do a give away instead.
On the very day that I reach 50 followers, my oldest daughter Madison will write down all of your names on tiny pink slips of paper.  Then, my 1 year old, Emmalee, will pull one of your names out of a box.  That person will win a CUPCAKY prize!  The next person that is pulled out of the box will win a CUPCAKY prize with treat!  The third and final follower those pudgy little fingers pull out of the party box will win a CUPCAKY prize, a TREAT, AND a $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO JOANNS!!!  While that is not very much, without sponsors, that is what you get :0)  I am still excited and I am not winning anything!
Now all we need to do is
sit back,
 and WAIT..........
I am sure at any minute now, 10 more people will decide to follow this crazy blog.
Are you holding your breath?


  1. Hey, you're up to 42! It may not take that long! Congrats!

  2. yay can't wait!! I came across your blog from another blog I follow.. you've got some good ideas.. thanks for sharing.. have a wonderful friday and a great weekend. Hope your little lovies shower you with love on Mothers Day!! =)

  3. You're getting close, girl!!!

    Thinking good thoughts...

    :) Laura

  4. P.S. Cracking up at the Twilight Eclipse counter.

    I can't wait to see how they film Breaking Dawn.

    :) L

  5. And I will make your 46th!!! Yippie!


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