Saturday, May 8, 2010

Musical Praise Finale!

They are finally DONE!!!  These darling musical prizes are finished!  Jennifer decided on 38 of these babies as gifts to her students for finishing out the year. 
They started out like this:

Then this...
Then that!

I am so pleased with how fun they turned out.  I was so excited to finally, after several days of looking, find just the right materials to make these boxes sturdy, yet affordable.  We went with modge podge to paper the boxes, painted the tops and bottoms, then hot glued the ribbons, tag and note-handle in place.
Next up, finishing the memorization prizes.  Jennifer came to me originally looking for a treat for those kids that memorized their musical selection for their spring piano recital.  After wrestling with whether gum would be a good choice, with all those kids that wear braces and head gear, we opted for the marshmallow pops.  They are more fun anyway!

The only problem was, a couple of the students are allergic to chocolate!  It is always something, isn't it?  That is where we decided to make both milk chocolate AND Almond Bark pops.  
My lovely assistants set to work dipping the fluffy pops, sprinkling sprinkles, and bagging them up.  Here is our final product:
I think there will be some excited memorizers!  And maybe some not so excited Moms and Dads (when their kids are bouncing out the car windows from sugar high on the drive back home)!
All in all, very fun, and finished, Musical Praise Project!
Now, where did I put that sewing machine....

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  1. Wow! Very ambitious! I cannot believe you didn't make just ONE of these! Look at all of them! They are so cute! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Sweet Charli! Hope you'll link up again! :)

  2. Woa.... beautifully done! That's a whole lotta work but such a nice keepsake.

    Now, about those pop things... I need the recipie. I totally LOVE marshmallows. I could see slathering mine with peanut butter right before the big indulge... yummm!!

    Thanks for linking up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  3. So excited to get the student's reaction. I just love how everything turned out. Thanks Vanessa!!!!

  4. Everything (marshmallows and cake boxes) were a big hit! :)

  5. AWESOME!!I've been looking for some creative ideas for a gift for my student's accomplishments. Thank you for sharing...


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