Monday, May 31, 2010

Father's Day Project

I made these frames a few, OK, eight years ago, and thought it was time to resurrect the project.  I still think it is one of the cutest things I ever "saw."  I cut this saw out of 1" pine, sanded, painted, and floated it.  It was designed to rest on the raw wood stand (unpainted so it looks like a saw cutting through a fresh plank of lumber).  Can't you just smell the sawdust!?!  
Obviously we never updated the picture since the monsters in this shot are now nine and 12. 
My husband had a smallish desk at work, so I put two eyelets in the top and hung it with a piece of jute.  I am planning on doing this project with some ladies from church and just thought you might be interested. 
I finally knocked-off the procrastination and put some things on my "newborn baby" of an etsy site, and this kit, as well as a few finished frames are available there.  You too can be the proud owner of a "Best Dad I Ever Saw" frame!!!!
Don't want to buy a kit?  Try cutting a saw shape out of cardboard, like a cereal box or something.  If you cut two or three, then glue them together like a sandwich, you will have a nice sturdy frame.  Modge Podge "manly" paper, or paint like I painted mine.  Don't forget to email with any questions!
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  1. How cute! I'll have to heart you on Etsy. I want to buy this one when I have the money.

  2. This is absolutely DARLING!! What a fun project!! I am going to go check out your etsy store :)


  3. Thanks for the etsy LOVE guys! It took alot, but I did it! Check it out on my right side bar when you get the chance!

    The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker

  4. LOVE this idea... great Father's Day idea for the handy dad. I'm going to Spotlight this Saturday at the POPP. Thanks for sharing with us.


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