Friday, May 28, 2010

Givaway Make-over!

I gave my giveaway a make-over and LOVED IT!!!  I had not one response from the givaway on Tuesday, even after I emailed the ladies directly!  This morning I went online and said that the first three FOLLOWERS that emailed me their addresses and what they wanted would be my new winners!  Within moments I had my winners.  From now on, the givaways will be a respond-and-win giveaway.  My lucky winners this morning were:
Kassandra of financially fit mommy
Sarah from Pensylvania

Winners of a True Followers Giveaway

All three wanted the cupcake towels!!!  Wahoo!  Glad you like 'em ladies!

We will see the rest of you at 150!


  1. yay, thanks! I wish I was the original winner, but that was a Sarah Williams-Thomas? And my maiden name isn't Williams.. I am glad I won this time though, thanks again!!

  2. I am so excited I won! I was bummed when I didn't win before, because I think those cupcake towels are the cutest! Thanks!!

  3. Congrats winners! Those cupcake towels are so cute!


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