Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Shop Soda Pop Birthday

After a year of waiting, Madison finally got her birthday party!  Last year, Madison's birthday party was cancelled.  My father ended up in the ICU at the Mayo Hospital for a few weeks.  On the very day Madison's party was supposed to happen, I had to cancel the party and fly out to Minnesota because it didn't look like Dad was going to make it.  Of course, we planned to reschedule the party.  Of course, Mads never did get to have it.  One good thing that came out of it all was that I was planning for 12 last year.  I shelved all the party favors, throwing my own mommy party when I realized I could just use it all this year.  With only 4 friends, 5 kids with Madison, everyone got 3x's the stuff in their goody bags!
Here is a picture of our food table from tonight's party...
I wasn't sure when I woke at 4am this morning if I would have the wellness of mind to get everything done I had dreamed up in the last couple weeks.  I had a fairly good start yesterday, but really, could it be done?

Today I made the cupcakes and very warped Hello Kitty Cake Balls(I think they look more like Pikachu-definitely will have to try them again-shabby!)...
I made the table cloth...
I finished my food signs...
I finished my candy balls...They were supposed to hang from the ceiling.  After staring at the ceiling, wondering if the 15lb sugarballs would even stay up there if I managed to get them up, I finally reconciled myself to letting them sit on the table instead.  I think they were still cute on the table even if they will always have an unfulfilled destiny.
One made like rolled flowers from colored Twizzlers, One from a candy mix-whatever came in a big bag from the dollar store, and One from candy disks-green for spunk!
I also finished these cupcake bags I had started last year.  I still remember one of the only moments of relief that came when I realized I would have to leave.  Sick I know, but to scoop up all those bags that had seemed like such an overwhelming project, it was actually so liberating!  It was a win-win because opening the box now, with the bags mostly done, the project was such a breeze! I was able to finish all the bags in less than an hour.
One of the games Madison wanted to play was the game where you wrap a candy bar in 5 layers of paper, tape and all, then have each girl take turns trying to open the candy...while wearing oven mitts. 
SO FUN TO WATCH!  We gave each turn 20 sec. to get it open. 
I was surprised how excited and into the game the girls were.  You never know with this age. 
Note to self: buy new oven mitts!  Or better yet, MAKE SOME!!!  Can't wait!
Don't you wish you were sleeping here tonight!?!  What?  Did I say SLEEP?  Yeah, RIGHT!
I will be back another day to post the details of my projects.  For now, I am going to pretend all of this never happened.
Where are my ear plugs!?!


  1. What a great birthday party - such cute and clever decor, food, favors, and fun. LOVE the tablecloth you made.

    Thanks for posting all of the cuteness!

    :) Laura

  2. Very cool! Love the cupcake goodie bags.

  3. What a wonderful birthday party. Madison sure is a lucky girl!


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