Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My First Blogger Award!

I was given the Versatile blogger award from Leslie over at Night Owl Crafting!!!  I was sooooo excited to have received my first blogger award!  So honored!  Are you sure it wasn't a mistake?  I took it anyway!

So, to receive this award one must:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic! (in no particular order...)

4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

So...... THANK YOU LESLIE!  By the way, I LOVE her site!  I spent a good part of a day over there so be sure and check it out!  Plus, she does a linky party on Tuesdays.   Be sure to add that to your list!  Had she not just won this award, I would turned right around and given it to her!

7 Things about myself-I am not sure I want you to know how crazy I am :0)

1.  I hate cola, but LOVE pop!  When I am stressed, I need a sprite or root beer, not chocolate!

2.  I can't stand the same thing over and over again.  If I don't have variety I go a little nuts.  This is a slight problem since my husband can't stand to mix things up.  A lovely pair we are.

3.  I can still remember a dream I had when I was 3 when Big Bird ate me.  Really.  I was at my grandma's house and I can still see his red tongue surrounded by black coming towards me.  I also still remember a dream I had, just a little older, where Yoda ate me.  In his tummy I was drowning in a sea of peas. This is the sick stuff my life is made of.

4.  I would love, one day when rich, to go back to school and take some sewing classes.  The real kind.

5.  I refused to go onto facebook for years for fear that my psycho stalker boyfriends (more than one) would find me :0)  First one tracked me down in week one.

6.  I get really embarrassed when people make a big deal about, or even try to give me credit for the crafty things I do.  I like to be the anonymous decorator behind an event.  I love to think, plan, and create, but don't like the attention it gets me.  I actually don't go all the way with my ideas very often, purposely do less than my plans so I don't overwhelm the non-crafters in my life.  Weird, huh?  That is why I love this blogging thing.  I can be more myself.  Don't really know why.  Maybe cause I don't have to look you in the eye, or maybe cause you can understand where I am coming from :0)

7.  If I had a sudden influx of money I would buy, and in this order: A Bernina Sewing machine ($900+), a way better camera w/lessons (also $900+), a router(it's a wood thing), a cricut, and if it were a ton of money, travel!!!

The following is the list of blogs I have recently found and LOVE!  I spent all day hitting sites to make sure this was an accurate list.  While there are tons of good sites out there, these all show my style the most.  They have projects or concepts I just love.  Enjoy!

Jessica@ Sweetie Pie Bakery- love the felt food

Sew a Straight Line- love the sewing tutorials/lessons-so need that!

Whitney and Alish@ SistersStuff- totally AMAZING-tried to stay away from bigger blogs but this is the best!

Cute As A Fox -Cutest projects and love the lollipop tutorial!

Brittney's Budget Crafts- besides being gorgeous herself, I LOVE her style!  That's my kinda stuff!

The Scrap Shoppe- does shirts, I love the projects!

Snowy Bliss which I can't figure out how to follow, so afraid I will loose track of this site, but just found and can't believe her style!  The monster party is...I just don't have any words to describe the creativity!  I am so going to copy that!

Eighteen 25 - Fabulous photos to go along with her TOTALLY AWSOME paper crafts!

Julie@ Blue Cupcake -Cake paradise!

Crafting Chicks -These girls have it all.  That's what I am missing, a team to tag-team the posts!

Oh So Happy Together- The projects are just really unique and I have bookmarked several to do myself.

Little Lizard King- The most adorable sewing patterns!  Love the ruffles!

Nap Time Journal- Spent all day here today.  I would say it was a waste, but soooo was not!

Laura@ Paring Down- I have mentioned before how I love Laura's concept of paring down, and am still so surprised at how many angles she has taken on this fantastic idea!

Re-Sweater- talk about taking one avenue and totally ROCKing at it!  This lady can make a sweater into ANYTHING!


  1. Goodness... what a happy surprise! Thanks so much for the award!

    I think you can follow my blog by selecting follow in the navigation bar at the top of the blog. I just have not added the followers gadget to my side bar. There are also a few other subscription options on my side bar. Personally I'm a google reader fan;)
    Thanks sooooooo much again!

  2. Wow, thanks so much! It's my first award too :) Look at our new little blogs grow! I'm totally like you, I get embarrassed when ppl make a big deal out of the things I make. I only started crafty like less than a year ago, so I feel like I don't know what I'm even doing yet ;) Thanks again!

  3. Thank you so much, Vanessa! You're too sweet! ♥

  4. Wow! Thank you so much, though I don't know how versital I am.

    I TOTALLY still remember nightmares from when I was very small. And the "stalking boyfriend" thing, I'm sorry, but it made me totally laugh. Yikes, but funny, too. Since it's not me and all.

  5. Thanks so much for the award! We feel honored!

  6. You are so cute! Thanks for all the kind words! I can't believe you spent half of a day on my blog, I am honored. I am so glad that I found your adorable blog and you totally deserve this award!

  7. Wow, thank you! That was sweet of you :) I'll have to check out your award winning blog now!


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