Saturday, May 1, 2010

Web Surfing Saturday #2

I didn't call it that last week, but have decided to make it a weekly tradition. Love a moment on Saturday to sit back and see what the rest of the world is doing, so...Web Surfing Saturday!

 Theme this week MOTHERS DAY!

I totally LOVE this gal's work!  I love the blocky thing, have loved for years.  I have never seen such talent for coming up with new blocky designs!  If you check out her site there is another example with a different saying on the bottom.  I emailed her and she responded to my question right away.  Love HER!  Want to see more, go HERE

I love the whole home-made note pad thing.  I have ever since Molly Larsen made them to sell at our 5th grade Community Days Project-the one where all the kids make a product to sell and we have a huge flea market-at our parent's expense of course-can't do that now days.  Molly actually made hers.  Love the kid artwork.  I saw another idea where the kids draw little artwork at the bottom of paper, you copy the sheets, then use rubber cement to stick them all together.  I have wanted to do it several times.  You could just buy the notebooks at the dollar store-they have TONS that the kids can just randomly draw something at the bottom, then ship to Grammy!  Find this set HERE.

I also love these collages.  I love the "101 reasons why I love MOM" ones where you have 101 words or memories describing mom.  You can get the 12X12 frames at Michaels for about $20-if you have a coupon then BONUS on YOU!  Find this HERE!

As a woodworker, I loved these little block/magnets.  They are CHEEP!  But can be very cute.  Also-PHOTO OP!  I think that my moms should have nothing better to do than to look at my children, so... Of course they want pictures of my kids!!!  You could get Home Depot to cut the blocks for you.  Either a 2x3 or a 2x4.  You could probably get a board out the cull lumber cart in the back by the saw ($0.50 ea) and get a good 10 out of it.  The slit in the middle could be made by a simple handsaw or just glue the picture to the back of the cube.  LOVE IT!  Find it HERE.

I saw this idea a few weeks ago, here is a website to go along with it.  The one I saw was stamping on washers.  I am going to buy some stamps and show you all you can paycheck that is.  Anyway, wouldn't it be a fun thing for mom.  Skip the necklace and do a charm bracelet with one piece of metal with each child/grandchild's name on it.  The possibilities are endless.  This is not the last you have heard from me on the subject!    

I love this idea, with a twist.  Instead of journal entry ideas, why not make memory slips.  Since as a mother you loose your mind at a young age, why not remind your mother of all the wonderful things she has done for you, all the special moments you remember being together.  LOVE IT!  Inspiration triggered and photo found HERE.

This lady has some good stuff on her site-like 5 posts-one really good one with ideas I found and am not going to round up again, but you can check it out on her site HERE. I love the soap artwork and plan to do that with some neighborhood kids.  As for the book above, find it HERE.

OK, imagine this one with the smiling faces of your kids or siblings, or simply saying flowers with the letters M-O-M and one that says I Love YOu!?!  I think that would be darling.  Check this out HERE

Now, I am not a huge fan of yarn art, but find these towels very handy.  How cute is that!  I can not wait to make some of these.  Mom, want one?  You are always out of hand towels anyway.  The problem I am having is I can't seem to find towels with cool prints like this one.  Any suggestions?  I guess I have only looked at Target.  I will keep looking, you can check this out HERE

I liked this.  She painted a carafe, then used puff paint to decorate.  Imagine a huge black or even red bow out of see-through ribbon -the name escapes me right now- and a single rose (pretty and you can get away with CHEEP that way).  Or better yet, make those hershey kiss roses.  They don't last longer but leave you with a chocolate euphoria afterwards.  Find it HERE 

I liked these two projects found HERE.  They were really sweet.  Love the flower, but the plate would look great under a pile of hot chocolate chip cookies.  Check them out!
My mom would love these bugs.  Any that is practically free.  Best thing, no one will be offended when it is but outside because it ends up a little c-ugly!  Find it HERE

This site has a couple little poems and gift ideas that are really cute, including a first-aid kit for moms.  They were found HERE.  There are other ideas of what gifts you can replace with more thoughtful ones.  Check it out.

 Photo options

I like this photo ball.  Find it HERE

 Loven this photo idea, find it HERE

There is a whole list of ideas HERE.  Check them out if you are wanting something more PHOTO related.


Go HERE to get ideas for poems and one-liners for mom's card or a side blurb on your craft project. 

 Oh, my gosh!  Are we done yet!  I had a blast finding the stuff all week, not so much trying to blog it!  Hope you find inspiration, if you were in need of it.  Thanks to all you fabulous crafters out there helping me get my light lit!  Happy Mother's Day crafting!

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