Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally, A Good Day

So it was a pretty good day.  I couldn't sleep, again, so I finally got out of be at about 5:15 this morning and got busy.  Here are my music cakes.  I made three the other day, this is the other 41 I still have left to do.  Behind them is my pile of folded laundry!  Can I get a WHOOP, WHOOP!!!  I have been rather sick the last few days, and was more than ecstatic to get my dishes and laundry done and put away!  The most remarkable part was that I got it done by like 10am.  I am usually washing until the "Time of Use" time starts at noon(when our electricity gets quadruply more expensive). 
With all the extra hours I had from waking up so early and the unusual amount of energy I had, I was able to paint and paper my cakes as well!  Hooray for me!
Now let me tell you about a minor frustration.
Ignore the cub scout behind the, um..chair!  My dear friend Mary sent me home from our Jammen' night with a set of four dinning room chairs someone had left at her house :0) not to mention many other fabulous valuables already in use.  I was so excited to get my fingers on those seat cushions, I could hardly sleep that night!  I waited only a few moments after waking to pull out my handy-dandy screw driver and Begin the magical unveiling of the fabulous inner chair that was simply screaming to get out!   
This is a Where's Eli Moment (instead of Where's Waldo).  What a nut!  I took this picture to show you the misleading furniture tags,so obviously displayed on the bottom of this seat, causing one to believe these chairs were sporting original fabric.  
I got this seat off, only to find what looks very suspiciously like home-owner, non-professional's staples, jagged fabric, that a crack in the wood?
When I dug a little further I found...
Broken press board(not even plywood) and carpet padding.  Hmmm... Blink, blink...Now what?  This might take a little more than I thought.  Looks like this chair needs new wood-or something, maybe some foam, batting, and lots of spunky love before it will ever know the joy of cradling my luscious behind ;0| 
Guess it will have to wait for another day, and another paycheck.  More to come....

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  1. absolutely delightful! Your invites are so full of charm! Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place when you get a moment. I have become a follower and would be honored if you choose to do the same! until later...


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