Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Madison's Birthday Invites

Here is our final outcome for Madison's Birthday Party Invite.  She is having the smallest birthday party I think she has ever had!!!  I am so HAPPY!!!  I might actually sleep that night!  She is only inviting 4 friends, the same 4 that do everything together.  I just couldn't only make 4 invites.  I tried.  My fingers just wouldn't stop.  Great Grandma asked for one, so there is a use for one more.  Then there is one for Madison.  Whew.  I knew there was a reason I made 6!
And inside...
They all know where we live so I didn't even need to white-out our address for this post!  I was that lazy that I purposely wrote my daughter's birthday invite without our address, just so I didn't have to white it out on the photo before I posted it on my blog :0)
Tomorrow-Candy Balls!


  1. These are really sweet! They look great and I'm sure they'll all love them!

  2. Happy Birthday Madison! Have a great birthday and a fun party!


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