Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hawaiian Luau Invites

I have a good friend with a daughter turning 12, said daughter being a good friend of my daughter.  Somehow I offered to come up with invitations for her birthday party-Hawaiian Luau Party.  Here are the cards I came up with. 
Flip Flops-  Card above made with ribbon as the strap, card below made with paper.  They turned out really cute, but I traced the flip flop on the wrong side of the paper so the card ended up opening on the wrong side.  Good thing they were only samples :0)
Cut the pieces out of paper, inked the edges, then glued the paper pieces to my white cardstock I had folded in half.  Then I cut the card out again leaving an outline.  I really like this look.  I think it highlights the whole card and makes it thicker, feeling more sturdy than a single layer.  Ink the edges again, glue on the flowers and ribbons,, a little bling and... done.
Next I made this Hibiscus Flower Card.  It was actually easier than it looks.  I had a flourish and a daisy(flower center) die cut for my sizzix, cut out two leaves by hand, and had made a template to make the rest of the flower.  This was the close second pick of the birthday girl.  I added three sparkly rhinestones for bling and the sheer ribbon, which you can hardly see in this picture, for a little fluff.  Turned out cuter than I thought!  I really didn't think I would like this card until I finally glued it to the background.  I am still not loving the pink, maybe a bright blue would have been better, but It really looks nice all together.
A Pineapple!  Probably my personal favorite for adora-bility and ease to make!  I used my Creative Memories hexagon punch, of course I used distressing ink around the edges of each one of those (I do 4-6 at a time-I will show you how another day, very soon), glued them onto a yellow paper, and cut around the outside.  I made the stem by hand, inked, then added it to my card paper.  I glued the yellow piece on top, then cut around them both for an accent.  Last, I glued on a sheer yellow ribbon and the flowers with rhinestones for bling. You know you gotta have bling!
Last, I show you the card the birthday girl picked, of course the card with the most cutting possible.  I don't care.  I am so proud of this card.  I have never drawn a body or it's parts before, not without whimsy anyway.  I did this more or less just to see if I could pull it off.  I am SO happy with the outcome. 
Sadly, I am out of printer ink so none of these cards have the cute little "You're invited" tag or the sign that is so obviously missing from the girls hands in this card.  She will, one day, have a sign that says "Luau Party" or something to that effect.  This is what you end up with when your cards are FREE!  So, with this girl, I sketched the body, cut out each shape, made paper templates, then cut the shapes out in the colored paper.  The edges were inked, pieces glued, flowers applied.  I would have liked to attempt a face, but this is how they wanted her.  Now I get to make 8.  Whew, only 8.  I would have cried if it were 15 or something.  
I thought I would throw this in there too.  We are having a Twilight party in a week or two and I have been working on the invitations.  This is how far I am as of now.  I am playing around with ideas to add the other symbols: apple, flower, ribbon, etc.  Stay tuned for the final product!  :0)


  1. Your creativity is amazing i love them all and can't wait to see what you do with the last one :)

  2. off topic.. I love your new background for your blog.

  3. Thank you Norman Five for the comment on the blog!!! I ended up spending almost my entire Friday working on it, making and re-making the pieces...but I LOVE it! Thanks for noticing!



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