Monday, February 7, 2011

Any Suggestions?

What do I do with these?  
I'm going Bunco Bonkers!!!

I made these in the backyard last December.  It was my turn to host and I was going to give everyone a little something as a Bunco favor, but I just couldn't pull it together.  Finally, I bagged the project -literally- and hoped I could work it all out later.   
I think the basic design behind the 1 1/2" dice was to dangle them
 from this sign and it could be used as a Christmas ornament... 
It didn't work.  I am stuck.  The signs ended up way too small for the ornament thing, but a bigger sign would be way too big.  Now I think any more than one die would be too big.  I have been pondering for 2 months now and still have nothing.  Maybe the squeeze of hosting next month will get the juices flowing, but I am seriously open to suggestions.   

Any ideas???
The dice are just to super cute to waste :0}


  1. Maybe tie 2 together like for cars :D then the sign wouldn't seem that much bigger. Just an idea.
    I'm a newb but what are you hosting? I could probably go back and read your past posts to find out

  2. It is a Bunco prize. I am open for any ideas.

    Thanks for your comments!!!


  3. you could turn them into one of those "countdown" calendars -- like we have for bdays or christmas - cause the dots on the dice could be the #s....but you'd have to really love bunco to have a bunco


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