Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Skirt

Madison's friend had a birthday party today.  I rummaged through the stash in an effort to come up with something a newly 12 year old would like.  This skirt was the product of my trauma.  I had some pink chiffon that was just a little too bright by its self.  After pairing it with this black chiffon leopard print and the baby pink slip between the layers, the pink chiffon ended up very lovely.  As usual, the pictures just don't do justice.  I almost ran to Target for a gift card and kept this one for Mads.  You are probably thinking, " What would Madison do with another skirt!?!"  We find solutions around here :0)  It's ok, no solution necessary.  The skirt made it to the party and now has a new fluffy owner :0)   

Madison and I spent the afternoon today driving from store to store...ok, after I took hours at Joanns looking for fabric for another project, we went to Hobby Lobby and still did not find the polka dot fabric Madison wanted to use for the skirt.  When this leopard print was spotted it was love at first sight!  I made the top layer out of the leopard print chiffon, the middle slip/underskirt is a satin remnant I had, then the bottom layer is the hot pink nylon chiffon.  I ran almost 100 yards of fabric through my ruffler foot this evening to get this poof-ball of girly wonder :0)  Never try one without the "universal ruffler foot"  You are probably tired of hearing me talk about my ruffler foot for my sewing machine, but I never leave home sew without it.

The trauma came when my machine started pulling scary faces at me about 20 minutes from the completion of the project-had everything gone smoothly it would have been 20 minutes, that is :0)  I finally took the whole thing apart and vacuumed it out.  That seemed to work.  Guess my poor Singer was just feeling a little less than fresh and wanted a little spritzing.  
As you can see in the photo above, we figured you could actually flip this skirt over and wear it on the reverse side.  Had I a little more time I would have sewn a black ribbon on the seam between the two pink tiers.   I love the look of the ribbon lined skirts.  Maybe we will have to make another one :0)  Later, for now, the birthday girl!

She seemed to like her gift.  She pulled it out of the bag and put it right on :0)  Emmalee could have cared less about the skirt.  She was thrilled mot only that she got to go inside to pick up Madison, but they gave her a marshmallow pop!  Don't you just LOVE birthday parties!!!

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  1. Your amazing! Thats pretty neat to be able to pull that one off. The girls I know are so picky with their clothing I stick with something I don't think they've ever heard of... like a Bakerella cakepop book lol. They loved it as its a very new concept around here.


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