Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Napkin Folding :0)

This post will probably show what a geek I am, but I have been meaning to surf the web for napkin folding instructions for some time :0)  I watched the movie SALT with my hubbs last night.  I am embarrassed to say that it was Angelina Jolie that reminded me of my forgotten desire.  She was using an online video to fold napkins for a special dinner with her movie husband.  I figured that since my camera is absolutely broken, not salvageable, gave up the ghost due to over-exhaustion and blogger abuse...I would post other people's ideas today.
So, napkin folding!  What a lovely way to show your dinner table a little loven' :0)
When I was in high school I worked at a country club busing tables.  Every day we had to make 300 of the napkin shown above.  I really love it and it is actually rather easy to make.  It is called the Bird of Paradise

We also made The Rose for our buffet tables.  They are a little more tricky, but so gorgeous!

Here are a few more...

This one reminds me of mummy fingers-weird, huh?  Perfect for Halloween though :0)

If this had been my idea I would have named it "Tuts Tomb"

Why don't you do that for the next cub scout Blue and Gold.
I am sure the 8-11yr olds will do just fine with the crystal goblets :0)

I do expect to see this on your dinner table tonight!

Talk about a week too late :0)  

For that missionary going out...

or for the new job...at the drycleaners :0)


So to be certain to cover my sources here, I used the following websites if you want to check out more...

Those are the ones I found in my few minutes this morning.  
Let me know if I am missing any must-do folds :0)
As for you, try a little table-loven' tonight!

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  1. I found you from Cute as a Fox and have to say your dressed up mannequins are awesome!!! I'm your newest follower.


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