Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Tool! Fabric Circle Cutter :0)

Joann's recently had a sale on their OLFA rotary cutter blades and accessories.  Madison and I were feeling rich that day and decided to give this cool new tool a try.  Since I am without camera, I mooched the photos from OLFAs site.  You can click HERE at to see more, or you can scoot on down to Joanns with your 40% off coupon to pick one up yourself.

I let a few weeks pass before using this because I started having serious doubts it would really work and thought about getting my $16 back(that was after the coupon :0).  However, today Madison came around asking to use it.  I simply could not refuse her and stood in AMAZEMENT when my 12yr old cut a perfect circle!  Ahoy!  We have a winner :0)  I am now totally addicted and I didn't even know these guys existed until a few weeks ago.  
You will probably be seeing more of this my own pictures after Friday when I finally buy a new camera, that is.  Let me know if there are any other cool tools I am missing out on.  
I get a little obsessed.

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