Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Skirts Re-Vamped

The Thanksgiving skirts became official members of the Vegas Collection when the ruffles were added.  I think it is really sad that I couldn't have possibly stitched those ruffles in place in the whole 3 months they patiently waited at my house.  I had to rent a car and drive to Vegas to do it!  You know how you just don’t see how bad things are until you leave, that was me.  The holidays are always so packed anyway, and when I added in all the clippies that exploded all over my house I was positively drowning.  I am determined to not let that start happening again-take time for my stuff too :0) and maybe, maybe say no sometimes :0)

Enough of my drama, I am so very in love with these skirts I cannot even express.  I sketched them up in my mind one night, then found the perfect fabric at Joanns.  I wanted a wool like fabric, but when I saw the price I started making other plans.  This is actually 100% cotton-must pre-wash :0)  I think it was in a section called “British Prints” or something and came in around $5 or $6 a yard.  With my coupon it was reasonable.  
For a circle skirt (found here) Emmalee’s size I needed 1 yard.  For Madison’s, I needed closer to 2.  I ended up using 4 yards for both skirts and used all the scrap for the ruffle.  I just cut the scraps into 1 1/2" strips on the diagonal and stitched them on guessed it, my ruffler foot!!!  I didn't bother finishing the edges.  I wanted the scrappy look that seems so popular lately. 
Obviously the skirts are very accommodating for a busy girl.   
Taking pictures of Emmalee takes a great deal of patience and imagination.  Just wait, it gets worse.  

Here is where it is worse:0)
Sure you can dig in the dirt and rocks while wearing your hand-wash only ivory colored petti skirt :0)
Yes, and please roll around a little.  We want the dirt color evenly distributed.   

Don't you just love the layers of ruffles!?!

And we get a little worse all over again :0)  She discovered brother and sister laugh every time she hikes her skirt up, so BRING IT ON!

A little higher...

and higher still...

This pic reminds me of Holly Hobby.  Remember her?  That short little bell shaped dress...wait, that wasn't Holly Hobby.  She wore the pioneer get up.  Who am I thinking of, like Shirley Temple?  I don't know but it is kinda cute this way too :0)

Anyway, one more piece from the Vegas Collection revealed!
Yeah!  Now when is the next Vegas Retreat?  Next weekend?  Please!?!

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