Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Shower Number 2!!!

I have 3 baby showers this week.  Tuesday was number 2!  I made some blankets, really just so I could try Ashley’s cute blanket lollipops.  They really are so easy to make.  Check it out over at Cute As A Fox.

Here is the first blanket.  Score for me!  Joanns has the baby flannel for $2.50 a yard.  I have HUGE babies so I like the blankets big.  Also, because I am a little OCD I MUST have them SQUARE!!!  Those rectangle blankets drive me NUTS!!!  Anyway, these are about 40" square.  I attempted to applique a monkey from the fabric on the front of this diaper-to-a-burp-cloth conversion.  I have to admit I didn't like them at first, but the diapers are actually quite cute as burp cloths and they are super absorbent :0)

Set number two has a blanket, a burp cloth, and my personal favorite, a changing pad cover!!!  I came to the conclusion with my very messy ;0P Emmalee that it would be nice to have a couple layers underneath their dirty bums to strip away as needed.  I only had one cover and it was always in the wash.  I had to use towels until I finally found the fabric of choice at Joanns.  It is over by the felt of all places, but is a waterproof cotton pad.  I think it is $10 a yard at full price, but with the coupon it is way less.  Babys-R-Us sells these pads for like $10 each and you can get a couple out of a yard-6 to be exact.  

Here is the other one I gave her.  I pre-washed the fabric so it looks a little worn, but I hate when things shrink after you used it once and then it looks like a science project for the rest of it's life.  I cut the yard into 1/6s, sewed the bias tape around the edge, then added the rickrack and random stitching lines for decoration.   My friend Whitney said "That's too cute to poop on!"  That made me smile.

Happy Baby Having Lyndsey!!!

Now for shower number 3!
I bet you will never guess what I am making for shower number 3.  Really, I can't either.  I hate making decisions and to make the  "what am I going to make for the shower" decision for the third time is causing small puffs of steam to tunnel out of my ears :0)


  1. Thanks for the mention! They are so cute. You are amazing. I have been loving all of your Vegas projects.

  2. I hate decisions as well, which is why I have a stand-by gift (that everyone has come to expect, now). I make hooded baby towels for every baby shower. I can't stand the flimsy ones in the store, they're too thin to warm baby up after a bath. And the homemade ones are not only thicker, but bigger, as well. My kids used them until they were ~5 or 6. If you haven't tried them, I'd love to share a tutorial.


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