Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Personal 80's Flashback

What do I remember about the 80’s?  Not much.  The strongest memory I have is getting to go into the coolest store ever…I think it was called Rainbow or something, and buy bright colored erasers in the shapes of hearts and rainbows.  Everything was made in primary colors and everything was covered in hearts or rainbows…or unicorns…everything for a little girl anyway.  

We were at Joann's a few months ago and I saw this fabric in the clearance pile.  Covered in hearts and kind of sweatshirt material, talk about taking me back!  I decided Emmalee needed a play skirt out of that fabric.  I bought ½ a yard and added it to my wanna-do basket.

This lovely piece also came from my "Vegas Collection".  I was actually running out of things to do and decided to go for it with this skirt.  No pattern, I basically sewed two ends together, folded over the top and inserted the elastic waistband.  To spice it up a bit I added the two front pockets and the ruffle of chiffon on the bottom just because I was into the ruffling mode.  Emmalee LOVED it!  She asks me for her heart skirt.  

Apparently it even looks good upside down :0)   

Go ahead, ask her.  "Emmalee, how much do you love your heart skirt?" 
Do you get the picture :0)

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