Saturday, February 26, 2011

Couple Things...OK, Two

This week was one of those weeks I was far too busy to sleep much less do any dishes.  At this moment my brain is too tired to even remember what else I did, but I do have pictures of these two orders I completed.  The first is a name sign/hair bow holder I made for a customer to give as a baby shower gift.  The colors requested were black and hot pink.  I played around with a white flower and ended up with this black tinted distressed flower as an accent.  What did I do to it???  I will never tell!  It is my most fabulous secret EVER!!!

OK, OK!  I will tell you, but not today :0) 
She also ordered 5 of my satin petal flowers.  I had so much fun making these!  I added the melted leaves as accent and ended up melting my heart just a little bit too :-) 

I took these photos with my new DSLR camera, by the way.  It makes me want to cry how little I know about using the sexy thing!  So much power in my very fingertips and no clue how to access it!  The camera came with a cute little lesson book and a dvd classroom to teach me, but I soooo don't have a spare minute to check them out...not this week anyway.  

I also had an order for this 24" big B.  The customer picked out the font, I blew it up and cut it out.  

I wish my last name started with a cute letter like B.  I would love an S or an M or an E too.  Those round letters just aren't as exciting.  Maybe we will have to make it a legal change to Sew*CakeMaker so I can hang a cute letter on my wall too :0)

I am not even going to start listing all of the other projects I have been working on this week.  
I will tell you that I am finally finishing up the world's larges clippie order after many weeks of struggling with illness and mass chaos.  I am totally thrilled to be at an end of that one.  I will have pictures of that next week...assuming I can remember how to turn this lovely camera on again :0)
Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Vanessa... I just love your blog... so I awarded you the stylish blogger award. Check out my blog for details... Vicki


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