Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Shower Cake for Savannah :0)

My friend Sonia's baby shower was tonight.  Her sweet little Savannah was born a few weeks ago, as cute as can be.  I got to make the cake.  You know of my maddening obsession with mini cakes for functions like these.  I couldn't resist the opportunity to make mini cakes, but I didn't have a lot of time.  That is why I decided to go with strawberry cake with a fluffy whipped cream frosting.  I figured that way we could get messy with the frosting (this obsessive-compulsive mother even let the 12yr old frost half of the cakes) and it would look like it was supposed to be that way :0)

I used my favorite strawberry cake recipe I found on Allrecipies.com last year.  It is called Strawberry Dream Cake, and aside from the fact it is rather expensive to make, it is definitely dreamy!!!

I would even venture to say that you can skip the cake and cut right to the frosting *YuUmM!
It is a white chocolate cream cheese frosting.  I had a few miserable failures with this frosting -thinking it had something to do with my Walmart Whipping Cream- so this time I followed a user recommendation and added a box of cheesecake flavored pudding to the mix.  Do realize that for this size of project I tripled the frosting, adding only one box of pudding.  Details, details.  So love it!!!  You must try it yourself !

I am just as obsessed with monogram cake toppers as I am with the mini cakes.  I cut this one out of wood, made my slave daughter paint it, then added the rhinestones for a little bling.  I made the new baby some of my melted flowers and thought this pink one looked cute up there on top with the monogram.  Why not!?!

So, if you are looking for a fabulous baby shower recipe, or simply a new yummy spring desert, check out this one!  

And she said to her friends as she blogged out of sight, Happy Caking to all 
...And to all a Good Night!

p.s. if you want to know how to make a lovely cake stand like this one, click HERE!!!

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  1. Jennifer Slack BryanMarch 11, 2011 at 11:35 AM

    I made this cake last night for the Rs birthday party at church. It was a huge hit! So yummy! Thanks for the suggestion!


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