Thursday, March 10, 2011

Checken' a Few Things Off The List

I took a break from my never ending clippie orders yesterday to check off a few more customer orders.  I have been throwing the design for this necklace organizer around in my mind for a couple weeks.  Luckily it was ordered by a very patient friend.  She must have figured out that my best ideas take a couple weeks to surface through all the brain-haze :0)

I am so loving the shape of this board!!!  I have been using it in a 1 1/2" size for another project and just loved it so much I had to blow it up and see what happened.  It turned out so well I figure I have to make one of these for everyone I know :0)  I cut it out of 1x12" pine.  I painted it black, then white, then sanded it here and there for that aged look.  It is about 12" tall, 16" wide, with two rows of railroad tie nails.  

The nice thing about those nails is that they are square, or have corners.  The corners hold the necklaces in place even if the board were to be bumped in passing, or if, heaven forbid, I got a nail slanting downward slightly :0)  My customer went with the double black and brown ribbon to match her room even after my persisting plea to go with the baby pink :0)  She mumbled something about her husband and him not being the biggest fan of pastels...too bad.  This board screams Shabby Chic and a fluffy pink would have been perfect...

See!  I couldn't resist making another to fulfill my pink needs.  I may actually use this second board as a hairbow holder.  It is just so precious it will be perfect for some darling little girl.

Next on my list was to paint this flock of birdies.  Another customer had requested...

OK, OK.  She did not request quite this many....
Yes, she ordered 5, but by now you must realize I just can't stop once I get started :0)
Here are her 5...
I have to admit I wasn't really sure about these "tweet" little guys, but seeing them all together, I like them!

I painted this big B for the same customer today as well.  I am so loving the 24" letters!  Seriously, I know I mentioned this earlier, but I am going to have to make one for myself!  Who cares if my last name monogram letter is lame and less decorative.  Seeing this one sitting around my house has made me want one!
Maybe I will just pretend mine is a B :0)  or an S...those are always cool looking.

Lets take just one more look at my flock.  With spring coming in the morning, 80's all week here in AZ, these birdies sure get me in the mood for blossoming trees and the smell of fresh cut grass.  

My other project I worked on today was a pile of roller skate charms for a friend.  Her son is in a competitive figure rollerskating league and she requested clips for the girls on his team.  I will be back in a couple days with pictures when I make the final breakthrough with those.  

Have a great Sew*CakeMaken' Day!!!

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