Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuckered ;0P

 That is all I can say, I Am Tuckered!  We just finished the derby, Pinewood that is, and I am outta’ here!  I was up til 2 finishing orders, up before 6 with the 2yr old and …yeah, you know the story, you don’t need to hear mine. 
I will show you a few things I have squeezed in the last couple of sleepless days  because I am too tired to pull up the Derby pics tonight.  I will save that for tomorrow, but for now….my new hair do :0)
I had a friend cut it for me and I must say, it was the best haircut I have had in YEARS!  I love it.  She had to teach me how to "backcomb" it.  I didn't catch on for a few days, but I have become my own worst nightmare...a hair teasing, helmet hair wearing mother!!!  I should have never told my husband about my discovery because he won't let me live it down now :0)

I also took a little time to make these flowers this past weekend.  I actually made the yellow one for Emmers to wear to church, but she decided it was too...I don't know, so I took it and put it in my hair.  

Madison loved it so much she insisted I make her this green one to wear to a fireside Sunday night.
They are my newest favorite in the line of melted flowers.  Yes, tutorial coming soon...

While I am at telling you totally random tid-bits of craziness, these are...I don't even know how many miniature paint brushes I am making for an upcoming order.  Yep!  They are toothpicks :0)  I painted them brown, hand dipped them in metallic silver, then in black for the bristles.  One batch of brushes isn't even 1" long.  Took me a while, but totally awesome to look at them all finished and miniature looking.   

Now to attach them...
Not quite sure how.  I guess I can just use wood glue, but what if it doesn't hold.  Knowing my adhesives for this kind of thing is an area I need to improve.

Anyway, I am sooooo going to bed before that 2 yr old is out of bed again.  
Have a GReAT NighT!!!


  1. Hi Vanessa!

    I LOVE your hair! You look like a HOT MOMMA!

    Sending my love your way,


  2. You look beautiful... I love the new do!


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