Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Now That's A Sweet Burger!

We went camping this weekend with our church and the kids decided we needed to make these.  They have been a favorite for many years.  We have taken them to picnics and BBQs many times over the years.  I got the idea from the Family Fun website way back when.  They are actually on top of cupcakes, along with mini hot dogs, but Dad told us we could only do the hamburgers.  He said something about keeping it simple, or some kinda crap like that :0) Please excuse my harsh language.
The hot dogs gross me out just a little because you make the dog out of a caramel that you heat up with you hands and roll into a hot dog shape.  Don't ask me why it is gross to me.  I make all sorts of things with my hands.  I guess maybe because it is usually the kids that make these as an activity and I think about all the germs under their grubby little fingernails that never do wash out...Grossed out, aren't ya'!?!

We took a little different route this time.  Usually we make the hamburger patties out of mint patties, like York.    I figured the Keebler mint cookies look about the same, but are way cheaper.  

Eli is showing us the first finished hamburger.  Madison made lettuce leaves from some green marshmallow fondant.  We can never find green candy in the stores to use as our pickles/lettuce.  If you want to make these when the normal world out there has campouts and BBQs, go grab some of that edible grass for the Easter baskets.  It would be PERFECT for these little guys!

Basic rundown for those of you too busy to click on the link to Family Fun- box of vanilla waffers divided in half, top and bottom buns.  Cookie or mint for hamburger, then toppings according to your own taste.  We dyed icing red and yellow for the ketchup and mustard.  The final touch is to brush the top with orange juice concentrate and sprinkle with sesame seeds.  So fun!

Madison and Eli were able to make this whole tray without arguing even once!  They were just so excited for the campout.  It was very fun and the burgers were a huge hit!  

I have never camped in the desert before.  I wasn't prepared for all the dust, cacti, 
and threat of snakes and scorpions.

Emmalee had no problem adjusting to her surroundings though :0) 
 It was like the hugest sandbox she had ever seen! 

This is what we call a mountain in Arizona :0)  It seems kinda small compared to Mt. McKinley (Alaska), but huge compared to Mt. Kato (in Mankato, MN).

These prickly burrs made their way into the flesh of many a child before dinner was even served.  
The ground underneath the cacti was covered with them.

Looks like we just missed the blossoms.  Another week or two and they will be bloomen'.
The sun shining on these prickly needles was absolutely heavenly.  The whole plant seemed to be glowing in the morning sun.  Breathtaking!

This tent was well guarded against surprise attack :0)  
Check out the wall of cacti!

Look how small these kids look next to that cactus.  
I read somewhere a cactus doesn't grow an arm for 70 years.  That makes this cactus pretty old.

Desert camping is much different from lush forest or mountain camping.  It is pretty though, in it's own way (like pretty dusty for example :0)  I didn't sleep a wink, but would not have traded the time with my family for anything!

Oh, and speaking of desert life, the cat brought in the first lizard of the season today!  Such a pleasant surprise to find a reptile in the living room :0)

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