Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getten' the Work Done

I just finished these two orders tonight.  I had another necklace organizer ordered along with this fancy name sign.
Thanks again to my friend Bobbi who cut the vinyl I needed on a days notice.  Don't you just love the font!  I really like how this turned out.  It was ordered as a wedding present.  What a good idea!
 I did a little better with the nails on the necklace organizer.  The square nails are tricky to get in there straight so I punched the holes with my aul first before hammering the nails in place.  Wahoo!  Glad to get that finished.
Here are a few of the other random things I have been working on...
My kids and I are planning a science "egg"straviganza to show off the campain started by Clorox Clean-Up and TheMotherhood.com.  They have launched a program supporting kids’ messy play and I was asked to show off what us crazy moms can do to make a fun mess with our kids.
This particular experiment involves putting raw eggs in a jar of vinegar for a week.  You change the vinegar every day and at the end of the week you have rubber eggs!  More on that in 5 days :0)
OK, this one is a little embarrassing.  I babysit the cute little 2yr old that lives across the street from me.  Monday when I got home from the gym, about 5:55 am, I saw this bunny in his yard.  I was so excited to have seen my very first jackrabbit I ran in the house, put the big lens on the camera, and started taking pictures.  
About 2 minutes later mom and 2 yr old came out of their house to find me in my gym clothes standing in their yard with my huge lens on my camera :0)
I promise I am not a peeping-Vanessa!  I had to show them the photos to prove it. 
That wasn't all that was embarrassing, that wasn't a jackrabbit!  It was their rabbit ;0P  Uggggh!  I was standing in their yard taking photos of their pet rabbit, not a piece of iconic folklore.  At least now they have proof that the bunny was getting out of the back yard :0)

Less embarrassing is the huge number of fire pits I have been selling lately!  I made them for the Blue and Gold banquet and they were so popular, I threw a couple on etsy.  This particular set was for a customer who bought the fire pit to be played with their American Girl dolls. 

Well, we can't expect those little dollies to hole huge marshmallow roasting sticks.  No, no!  I had to make mini roasting sticks. I could have gone smaller.  Was actually quite tempted to see just how mini we could make them, but came back to my purpose and made them just the right size for the American Girl dolls. 
Anyway, we are on the second week of our Spring Break.  I ended up working all of last week so starting tomorrow, we are going to make a mess!  Lots of messes!!!  And I can't wait to show you.
Also coming up, I have a baby shower in a box to get together, new fabric for making Emmers some sundresses, and a Noah's Ark cake to plan.  I am actually thinking of going cake pop with the Noah's Ark and make a new cake pop board.  We shall see... Wish me luck!

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