Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boy Name Sign

Guys, I am sorry.  I have two posts I have been working on and my family keeps stealing my computer.  I finally decided to show you this project and hit the sack.  
My sweet friend Whitney had a little boy so I made her this name sign.  I put hooks on it instead of the hair bow ribbons, bet you can guess why :0)  I found the hooks in a big pack at Joanns on clearance.  They were bright gold.  I spray painted them with hammered-metal spray paint to make them look a little more worn.

I also made the two neckties and the two changing table pads.  I love the pads, couldn't get enough when Emmalee was a baby.  The ties, they are so very, very easy to make.  I re-worked and re-worked the pattern so that it would be adjustable and not have to be tied on every time you use it.  You will never guess what I used for the strap!!!  It is a bra strap!  Not a used on, mind you, but I found new ones also on clearance at Joanns.  They didn't have the very small clips I was looking for, but I noticed the same hardware on the bra straps and snatched them up!
I tried to hide the fact from the baby's father, but it still came up that women's lingerie was used in the making of his son's neck tie :0)

While I am at it, I contacted The Ribbon Retreat and asked if they knew where I could get clip-on tie attachments.  After a lot of back and forth, they found them!!!  They are now available on their website at!!!  I will be posting more about how to make these ties and the clip-on ties in the next month, hopefully in time for Easter.

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  1. Did you ever make the tutorial for this kind of adjustable tie? I am interested!


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