Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Shower In A Box

My little sister Kira is having her baby shower this weekend.  I was so sad we couldn't come to help that I decided to send her a
Baby Shower In A Box
You have to know that Kira is as crazy and youthful as they come, so a regular pastel-ie baby shower would not do for her or her baby girl.

Here is what I came up with today...
Two handled boxes turned floral center piece.  I found these cute boxes at Micheal's for $3 each.  They had brown writing on them that said spring.  I painted over that and filled them with my tinted flowers.  I loved the butterflies so they had to go along too. I wanted a little extra wildness, so I added zebra and leopard print gems to the centers of the flowers.  

I also got two of these wooden trays at Michael's, same sale, for candy and favors.  Same thing, painted over the "Spring" and filled with goodies.

I saw these blocks last year somewhere and loved the idea.  I made one set for a friend, but of course, never got a picture.  That right there screams DO-OVER!!!
I cut new blocks, had slaves paint them black, then modge podged the scrapbook paper and photos on them.  We only ended up with photos from our side of the family, so Baby Daddy will have to get his  family photos later.  For now, the blocks will serve as decorations.
I put photos on 2 sides leaving plenty of sides for add-ons later by mommy-to-be.

I made another sucker stand.  The butterfly is a nice touch, don't you think?  
The suckers were purchased at Michael's, with coupon of course. They come 24 in a box for around $15 full price I think. 

I forced Mr. SewCakeMaker to break out the Silhouette manual while I ran around like crazy trying to get this ready to mail.  I love the Silhouette by the way!  He designed, printed, and cut these babies out in like an hour.   Yes, the teeny tiny holes are cut out-Thank You Silhouette!!!
The mini scallop circles are like tiny doilies!  Cute, but I had to use a toothpick to punch the holes out that decided not to come out on their own.  Next time we will skip the doilie effect.

Here is an over the top Name Sign. 
I so love this shape!!!  I ran out of time so simply sent it along.  After baby is here I will attach the ribbons for hair bows out the bottom.

I get distracted easily.  Can you tell?
Flowers seemed like such a natural direction to take this sign.  I threw three different types of flowers on there for variety and change in texture.  The feathers...well, I just couldn't help myself.  I have been feeling very vintage lately :0) 

I also threw a pile of tissue paper flowers in the box.  I pulled this one open to show how it will look, but the rest I left collapsed like this...

Last but not least, I made...You guessed it!
A Pennant Banner! 
What occasion would be complete without a pennant banner?  Really, name one!

There you have it.  Baby Shower in a Box.  The decorations at least.
You guys are on your own with the food :0)
Happy Shower!


  1. You are absolutely amazing!!! So creative!

  2. Are you going to start selling these in your etsy shop? That's a great idea!!!


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