Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cookie Balla CupCakes

I was cruising along the Internet the other day looking for something random when I came across the cutest blog and a post for Cookie Dough CupCakes.  Since we are notorious around here for freezing cookie dough and eating a "Cookie Balla" as a cool treat, this kind of cupcake was right up our alley.  I can't find the file where I bookmarked the blog, but you can find the recipe at

I thought this would be a fun project for the 2 yr olds.  I decided I would let them have their fun.  Many times while letting them "do it myself!!!" I had to remind myself that the mess was totally clean-able.  What was kinda funny was when I filled up the cup the first time for Chase.  He picked it up and brought it to his mouth. The little rascal was going to drink a full cup of cupcake batter!!!  I yelled out "No!" before I realized it.  The poor little guy's lip began to quiver and his eyes filled up with tears.  I felt terrible.  I showed him what he was supposed to do with the cup, and things got better from there.  I realized while posting this that the pictures are all of Chase.  Emmalee lost interest and went to go play with toys so Chase is the star of the show today.

So basically the gist is to make cupcakes the way you normally do, then add a frozen ball of cookie dough like so... 
The one big thing I read was you must make sure the cookie dough is FROZEN!!!  
At least two hours frozen!
Number two big thing is DON'T OVERCOOK!  Cook your cupcakes at 350 for 20 minutes.  If you over cook, the cookie dough will cook and not be dough, get it?

Poke those puppies down in there.  

When we were done filling the cupcakes, I let Chasey lick the cup.  Finally!  The boy deserved it after the scare I gave him :0) 
p.s. don't tell his mom I let him lick the cup

Happy Camper!

So the batter bakes up around the "balla" and you have a yummy surprise when you hit bottom.

I didn't think they needed frosting, but Madison did.  We happened to have a jar of chocolate chip chocolate frosting hanging around the back of the fridge.  It went well with our chocolate chip cookie dough inside.

Other lovely combinations are chocolate cake and peanut butter cookie dough, Butter Pecan cake and snickerdoodle cookie dough, white cake mix and orange cookie dough (orange like the fruit, not the color :0)

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