Monday, April 11, 2011

It's In The House!!!

Ohhhh!  I want to cry!  It is in the house!!!
This beast of a cabinet has been in my garage for 4 months waiting to be finished.  I don't know if you remember, but the cabinet started out like this... 
I found it at Goodwill and it simply cried out, "Take Me Home and FILL me with CRAFT SUPPLIES!!!!"
I borrowed a truck, and by some miracle, got it home in one piece.   
I painted it the lovely Shrek Green during one brief spurt of energy whilst sick with the flu.  After days and weeks running away from me like wild deer, I finally set myself down in front of my dear forgotten project with a paintbrush and a dream :0)  It only took two more weeks to get up the nerve to call guys to come over and help get it in the house.  I will be making one huge batch of cookies for the 4 wonderful men that came over at 8:00 tonight to help us move it into the house.  It was an event, but those guys made it look easy.

I will show you more when the doors are on and the shelves are in (after I make the shelves, ugggh).
I am starting to really worry if all of this...
Will really fit inside!!!  Tell me it will!  My mom always said I was a miracle with a pile of luggage and a mid-sized trunk, so I think it can happen.  If not, I will have to go back to Good Will :0)
I will be back in the next while (notice the lack of time frame commitment) with finished pictures!!!
Tomorrow Bunco at my house, Wednesday, My Minnesota Mom Is COMING!!!
Wahoo!  Can't wait! 

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  1. missed you this weekend lady! wasn't the same without you :( AND wish we could have seen "minnesota mom" too :) next plan = end of june -- so pen us in!!


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