Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tennis Anyone?

I am finally feeling better after a terrible bout of the stomach flu.  I tell you what, I have had my share of flu-s this winter and I am through!  I never get sick, ever!  But this year has put me through the wringer.
Anyway, around every corner I turn there are stacks of work staring me down.  Tonight I was finally able to make the miniature tennis balls to complete these miniature clips ordered by one of my customers.  

She ordered these cute little tennis rackets off of eBay.
I like them, but they are kinda plain all by themselves.  Originally I was thinking of using yellow pompoms as the balls, but my brilliant mother suggested while visiting last week that I make them out of clay.

So I did!
I rolled 35 balls of clay.  While they were baking I painted a dowel black, and cut it on my scroll saw into the tiny discs needed for the tennis ball packaging.  
I made the containers from the thick plastic that stickers come on.  I cut it into 1.25" strips, ran a bead of hot glue along the short side, plopped on a disc, three balls, and another disk.  Then I rolled up the balls in the plastic and secured it with hot glue.  Finally, I made little 1/2" labels to complete the project.

Did I mention that they are TINY!?!

I am getting my umph together to take on the clippies full speed again so be ready for the photo storm :0)
It will be here shortly!

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  1. Omg i got tired just by looking at them tiny tennies miniatures. you must have a lot of patience! *respect*


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