Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'd Like to Thank All The Little People...

Wow!  I am so totally excited to have received the Stylish blogger award from not one, but TWO fabulous bloggers out there!  Awesome!

I received this award many months ago, but I am relieved to find out 
that someone(s) still think I've got STYLE :0)

My first award came from Ashlee over at 
My Swanky Crafts

and the second award came from Vicki at 

Both of these ladies have CRAFT-RAGEOUS blogs packed with projects that will take you some time to take in.  Be sure to grab a cookie and your Diet Coke before you head on over there to take notes :0)

So to accept this award I have to... 
1-) Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award...
2-) Share 8 things about yourself...
3-) Award 8 recently discovered great bloggers... and
4-) Contact the blogger and tell them about the award...

(One award said 8, one said 15-
I am taking the 8 mainly because I am lazy  :0)

So, to tell you a little about myself...

1-I am an only child of 10

2-I have a passion for recycling furniture, sewing, crafting with cake and candy related materials, cardmaking (I haven't done in a while...hmmm), Woodworking, and any craft I can do with my kids.

3-I am a slave to variety!!!  If I can't change things up CONSTANTLY I go a little nuts.  Still trying to live down the furniture moving obsession of '98.

4-I rarely get to watch a TV show, but here are the shows I like...Scrubs, Psych, Chuck, Monk, Everybody Loves Raymond (just a little too close to home sometimes), Leverage, Eureka, and recently found and see my hubby (the engineer) in the show The Big Bang Theory-Yes, we are *nerds* and would die for a good nerdy show :0) I love, Love, LOVE King of Queens.  I know, it is off the air.  Don't make me start crying all over again.  I finally came to the conclusion that Doug and Deacon remind me of my brothers.  That and it just fits my sense of humor.  

5-I have a slight chocolate chip cookie addiction I am currently seeking counseling for.  Mom, I blame you!!!

6-I am passionately in LOVE with the music by artist Colbie Caillat!!!  I could, and do, listen to her music all day long, for months and months.  Haven't heard of her?  Go to Pandora online and give a little listen.  I love most of the artists on her channel.

7-I am the all time Speed Shopping Queen!  I pack so much into every day that when I hit the stores I have at least 10 on my list and spend less than 10 minutes in most (minus the checkout time-I can't be held accountable for the stores not moving as quickly as I would like :0)  I am not much of a rack wanderer.  If you are shopping with me you will want a water bottle, jogging shoes, and a walkie talkie.  Don't forget to pack a lunch because I will not stop until every location on my list is crossed off!!!

7-I tend to be a little attention deficit...you may have noticed with the way my blog projects are so completely random...wait, what were we talking about :0)  

8-One of my most vivid childhood memories was when we would get home from church and I would go down to my basement bedroom to change.  (Somewhere before 6th grade) I always ended up tap dancing in the laundry room (where my bathroom was) on the cement floor with my clickety church shoes still on and my slip up around my chest like a little dress.  I Loved Annie, you know, the little orphan Annie, so I had to try and dance like her in the movie.  I always wished my hair were like hers.  Annie was the first movie I think I went to the theater to see...at least the first I remember.  My mom took me there on a special date.  I put popcorn on my knee when they sang the part about popcorn on her knee...
If I had to put a number 9 it would be to warn you that I babble...

As far as my blog suggestions, I have favorites.  You can check them out in the tabs at the top of my page.  But I wanted to tell you about a couple blogs I have found recently.  Some made the list for the whole blog, some because I found a post I particularly loved.  
Angela Yosten-sewing/quilting
Made By Nicole-for her newspaper flower tutorial
Balzer Designs-for her newspaper flower tutorial
Adornments by Lisa-Has some very amazing photo books
Simply Vintage Girl-Stunning!!!  Photos and blog design
April Showers Blog Design-Can you tell I want to change up my blog :0)
ilblogdimadis-In Italian, but the coolest blog and she did it herself!!!
Me And Madeline-Beautiful quilts and cute little girl dresses
Life-n-Reflection-Fabulous Photos
The Pioneer Woman-I really LOVE this gal-She reminds me of who I really am
Holly Mathis Interiors-Amazing!  I am actually totally in love with the knotted quilt shown in the third photo down.  Gotta Do!!!

Thank you again for the award,
 and thank you for coming back even though I am a little 

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