Saturday, April 2, 2011

Photo Madness

Well I am officially ADDICTED!!!  
I told Madison today that all I can think about is taking pictures.  When I finally get out the door with the camera, no matter how long we are at it, all I want is to take more when it's over. It was just so much fun to throw our plans out the window this afternoon.  While Scott was at a meeting the kids and I hit the dirt road just to see where we'd end up.   

We really had a blast shooting it up at this tree.  Yep, that is about it for these here parts :0)
The trees here are different than any other place we have lived.  The trunks are completely green (this variety of tree anyway).  Every stretch of road in the farm lands has one or two that have popped up along the irrigation canals (only chance for water).

Yeah, getting all three children to look at me at the same time has been a little frustrating.  You would think that the 2yr old was the worst...not so!  Eli was staring in some strange direction more times than Emmalee.

Besides being obsessed with working on my photo skills, I have been very homesick for country life.  
We have some farmland here in our little Arizona town (who knew), but no big barns or huge Victorian farm houses.  There aren't very many old tractors just sitting around.  The sun kills everything!  I can't even find a wooden fence.  Here is what I did find...
Barbed wire and aluminum.  I still love the shot!  
I have been a little stressed out by photoshop.  In the past all my photos were edited with Creative Memories Memory Manager program.  I love that program, but Scott go Photoshop Elements 9 with his new computer and I am having a hard time transitioning.  I am sure it is because there are just so many bells and whistles, but I am totally dumbfound the minute I open the program.   I have had so little time to learn photoshop and I get so frustrated when I open the darn program and can't just edit away.  Anyway, I hit YouTube on Friday and watched tutorials on masking and layers.  This fence post was the product of my experimenting.   

We managed to find an owl nest.  That hole next to the owl is the nest, go figure.  I guess I always thought owls lived in trees.  I tried to boost this picture, but apparently the owl was made to blend in with the sand :0)

We did manage to find this crazy pile of tires out in the middle of nowhere.  Big ones, little ones, tires full of rocks.  Fat ones, skinny ones, even tires with chicken pocks... Bet you don't know what jingle that is from :0)  Think 80's...

Anyway, loving the camera.  I just found my aperture wheel and am delighted!!! 
I really have had so much fun shooting everything in sight and trying different setting that I keep trying to think of who else I could bug with my new hobby.  What friend would let me experiment on their family...Hmmmm...

Anyway, I will post all the links and sites I have found with photography tips in another post, but really the most helpful was  Check that out and Have A Great Weekend!!!


  1. They look great! Now I am really getting anxious for my DSLR. Hopefully it will be before mother's day!(That's the goal I set for me.)I love that last one of Emmalee on the tire. So precious!

  2. These are great Vanessa! I was just telling Rick the other day that we are way overdue for family pics. It's been at least 7 years maybe more. Yikes! You can experiment with us if you want, maybe then we'll actually get some taken! Ha! Ha! ;) My favorite one of this group is the one of the 3 kids close together (below the owl picture) Precious!


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