Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pack Meeting

I have been so very busy this week, but haven't been able to finish a single thing.  Ever have one of those weeks?  This is definitely mine.
We did get to go to pack meeting Wed. night and had a blast.
Eli earned his Webelos Readyman Activity Badge
 and was recognized for his acheivement.  The topic for our Pack meeting was compassion.  Our fabulous Cub Master planned several activities above and beyond.  I thought some of you out there might be interested.
There was the blindfolded puzzle competition.  A scout and their dad (this isn't Eli's dad-we found a substitute since Scott was working)  tried to put a puzzle together blindfolded with the supportive shouts of instruction from fellow scouts.  This activity taught that we need to help each other, and when we have shortcomings, we can accept help from others to overcome.

Next was the hand-less face painting.  Eli got to paint his Webelos leader's face, lucky guy :0)
The only rule was they couldn't use their hands.  You can imagine how crazy the scouts were for this activity, also a lesson in compassion.

Here is Eli getting his ReadyMan...

And here is Eli getting the pin that comes with the ReadyMan.  
Our Cub Master put all the pins and beltloops inside of balloons and had the boys throw this...

"The Death Star" at the balloons to pop them.

That's my boy!  Popped it on the first try!!!

See, here's the pin :0)  Don't you just love the glop of paint on his forehead?

What a fun night.  The kids love it so much when their leaders take their job to the next level.
We really have been so lucky to have so many wonderful scout leaders.


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