Monday, June 21, 2010

Back in the "Office"

Just got back from a little visit to sunny St. George, Utah.  If you have never been to southern Utah you have to go! It is SO gorgeous! The red rock mountains are absolutely amazing! I have never seen a better stocked Walmart, and did I mention that they have outlet stores, Roberts Crafts, and two totally awesome swimming pools- Sand Hollow Aquatic Center and the Washington Community Center!!!

We went because our Great Grandma was WAY over due for a visit! 
My kids have three requirements any time we go there. 
1-eat at Chuck-A-Rama-I blame Grandma for that 

2-lunch at Judd's- they have the best bread sticks and soup in a bread bowl ever. 
I am personally way more tempted by the ice cream counter and my kids would rather stock up at the candy counter, but we can't leave without the bread sticks and soup. They also have all these vintage pops in the glass bottles. Yumm!

3-a ride in the golf cart.  Grandma lives in this beautiful retirement community.  I laughed so hard the first time I saw all the golf carts jetting around. 
I wasn't laughing one time we visited, me 7 months pregnant, when grandma's battery went dead during our golf cart ride. I ended up pushing that thing, grandma on it, my belly all huge, over 1/2 a mile to the service station.
In the past we have hit Snow Canyon-so amazing. It has huge cascading walls, mountains of spikes and spires, valleys and canyons of eroded rock, and seas of petrified sand dunes.  So AMAZING! 
The kids love the sand dunes.
Within a few hours you have Zions National Park, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and The Hoover Dam.  Have I tempted you yet?  I must mention it was cooler, in temperature than Phoenix!
This is a picture I TOOK!!!  This not-so-little guy was sitting on Grandma's side wall, minding his own business.  I actually shot this from inside, through a window.  I just can't believe how well it came out.  Would you like to wake up to him staring you in the face some morning?

This weekend we were celebrating Emmalee turning 2
The Campbell Family turning 13  :0)
And this daddy celebrating his 12th Father's Day
Wahoo!  It is great to get out of town every once in a while, and sometimes...
 (shhh...even better to get back :0)


  1. I love st george. I lived there for a couple of years and miss it everyday. The candy in that shop is so much fun! I know that my parents would love to go in there :)

  2. GREAT pics Vanessa. Glad you had a great time!

  3. You're little get away is getting me so excited for mine, pretty close too! I'll be in CA and Vegas/Lake Mead. We've flirted with going to St. George, we'll see :) You're pics turned out great! Glad you had a fun break!

  4. I used to live in st George and we loved judds too they have the best cheese sauce for the breadsticks mmmm


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