Monday, June 28, 2010

Camper's Love From Home

My baby girl is 12 and gets to go to girl's camp for the first time ever!!!  I am totally thrilled for her, a little less thrilled.  For months she has broken down in tear at the thought of leaving mommy for a whole week.  We finally calmed her down at the thought of calling whenever she was the least bit sad.  Unfortunately, there is not any cell reception in the campground they are going to. 
The camp leaders encouraged us to write letters from home.  I thought, knowing it will be the longest week of her life, I would give her little packages to open along the days.  Hopefully it won't make her more homesick :0)  I am sure she, being the rule follower in the family, can be trusted to open the correct package on the specified day.  Eli would have them all open the very first minute at camp, then run off to play, never once thinking about his dear old mommy.
Did I mention she leaves tomorrow?  Yes, that is why I am up at midnight wrapping surprises I have known would need my attention for months.  I am sure I could have made it cutesy had I started earlier, but that mattereth not!  I got 'er done!  Here are the rather lame things I came up with in a 15 min. trip to walmart.

card says: Because your tent will start smelling like a "Barrel Of Monkeys" with a personal note on the back.

Tuesday's package was inspired by the lovely siblings.  This rather lame Diego game has a puzzle, rummy, and checkers and was only $2!!!  Emmalee has an absolute obsession-from her first blink in the morning to the very last before exhaustion at the end of the day, she begs for "Gego."  The flarp for Eli is self explanatory given his stinky musical arrangements Madison is bound to miss, NOT!

Because Madison is soooooo afraid she will be totally sick of her friends by the first hour I threw this "slapper" and the silly string (I am sure I will hear about this one) in for Wednesday. 

Some candy to pull her through the last full day at camp.  I threw in some "nerdy"pictures of mom and dad.  That should hold her.

Then there was the letter they asked for.  I am sure they only wanted one letter, but everyone wrote something.  I have no clue what they wrote.  Hopefully it is good for the girl.  I threw in some pictures of "her" triplets and their big sister, since it will be the longest she has been away from the babies since they came home from the hospital, and since she will probably miss them more than her own siblings.   Threw in our most recent family pictures also.  Emmalee even added a special masterpiece to add to the family collection :0)

My biggest hope is that this will all help my girl to make it through her first time away from home, and not make her more homesick.  I know she will have a total blast if she lets it happen. 


  1. Wow Vanessa- my daughter is going to be jealous! ;)

  2. That's super cute! I hope she (and mom) are okay!

    *Come on over - I'm hosting my first giveaway!*

  3. that's the cutest thing! I need to share this with my best friend who's daughter is 10 and is going to camp. Thanks so much for sharing!


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