Monday, June 7, 2010

Twili-tations :0)

I finally finished something.  I have somewhere near thirty...OK, not quite thirty projects started, but it feels that way.  I am getting rather antsy to finish something.  Luckily, I was FORCED to finish these due to the fact my party is this Thursday!!!  I sent out save the dates...
via email weeks ago, then sent out a second wave to fill in the missing people.  We were aiming for 12, ended up with 14 in the end.  I finally gave in and asked my friend to have it at her house.  It is way bigger and nicer.  Whew!  That will make my life WAY easier. 

If you click on the picture above I think you might be able to read the inside.  If not, and you want to know what it said, I can email it to you.  Anyway, I used the Edwardian font you can download for free online.  It is supposed to be just like his "real life" handwriting :0)
I made the little circles of the book cover images also.  I had an idea to make little charms out of them for bracelets but think we have maxed out the budget.  I can send you that file too if you want it.  I have to say that this invitation seemed way cooler in my mind, but I do still think it came out alright. 
I found a couple really nice sites you should check out if you are planning a Twi-party

My party will pretty much be a carbon copy of ideas I found on these two sites.  Fabulous!
More things I am in the middle of in between babysitting jobs(shouldn't call 'em jobs cause I ain't getten' paid nutten')...
My napkin rings
My decorative balls

I opened my prize I won from Tatertots and Jello!!!

I made this Sith Lord Robe for a friend that decided to spring a surprise birthday party on us when we had $3 left in the party budget (gotta love the $1.50/yd fabric from walmart-this project was a total of $3!!!)
All that and much, much more I  may or may not get posted in the next week.  Stay tuned!

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  1. You are one crazy woman!Wonderful idea! I'll have to trow my Edward's birthday party too!I+ll let you know how it went.Btw,I'm the dog!


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