Monday, June 14, 2010

Favors and Twilight Countdown GIVEAWAY!!!

We came home with a bag FULL of party favors.  I put as part of my rules to come to the party, that you had to bring 12 party favors to exchange.  We ended up with 14 recipients, so I missed one, but here are the rest. 
Amber had Emmit-she went all crazy like she does, and brought like 6 different things ranging from a barbie(to represent Rosalie) to an iris-the state flower for the state he was "changed" in.  We got this bag because the guy on the front is Emmit's brother :0) 
All the wolf stuff was for Jacob, obviously.  Amber refused to take this favor so the rest of us got them :0)
Flamin' Hot Cheetos for Victoria!  Love it!
Twilight/New Moon mix for Edward
This heart shaped treat was for Esme-quote saying if Carlisle was the soul, Esme was the heart. Aaaah!
Jane!  I would have been stumped.  My kids LOVED this treat and keep feeding them to the baby to see her sour faces.
I SO loved this one!  How creative.  I don't know how she came up with this!  For Carlisle-Quote of Edward saying "You can laugh...It is Ironic"
Mirror for Rosalie-Madison was so happy for this one.  She has been begging me to go shopping for a little hand mirror.  I keep forgetting.  Guess you know who kept this one.
For Bella- so accident proned!  Can you believe, my own 12yr old daughter suggested this gal get pregnancy tests from the dollar store for Bella!?!  For Shame!  I told the ladies and they were all sad.  They thought that would have come in handy at some time or another :0)
Also for Edward-Glowing Touch silkening body wash-enough said
For Alice!  How original!!!  2010 glasses to see into the future and a bag of fortune cookies!  Love it!
Blood packets- A-cherry, B-strawberry, and O-Chocolate licorice.  Totally discussing!!!
The other one was one of those disappearing bottles that little girls just can't wait to stick in their baby doll's mouths.  It was for Jasper, since he was still such a baby vampire.

OK, that is the end of the Twilight Party Drag-Out!!! Now, I promised a Twilight inspired countdown giveaway a while ago. I had the dilemma that I said the wrong date for Edward's birthday!!! Please forgive me!?! I don't know how I could have been so wrong. Especially since his REAL birthday is the same day as my wedding anniversary! Are you shocked!?! June 20th!!!
So, Here's the scoop!  Comment on this post.  Tell me what you would bring to Edward's birthday party.  On Tues. night I will use the randomizer to give away 2 block sets!!!!  Wahoo!  I love to give stuff away!  You will have 24 hours to respond back to my email with your address.  After that, I will give them away to someone else.  Any more than that, they will default to one of the ladies invited to my party that could not come (I can only take so much).  
Here is another picture to remind you of some of the possibilities!  I can't wait to hear what/who's coming to the party!


  1. #1 never wins, but maybe I'll be lucky this time. I LOVE, love, LUV those countdown blocks.
    This might be a bit of a stretch, but I'd bring some string cheese, or some of those laughing cow wedges for "Bree" Tanner. (I think the cheese is spelled Brie.) OR a mix cd of classical music for Edward since he stays up and listens to music all the time.

  2. I would get him a leash for Jacob! Tee hee ;)

  3. I was thinking a dog bone for Jacob. lol

  4. I think Edward needs some good car wax/scratch repellent in case Jacob gets mad around his very nice car. You have to admit Edward has a very sweet ride.

  5. Love the blocks! I'd bring some tic tacs... Werewolves/vampire breath looks like it would be kinda smelly ;) Totally just made that up!

  6. I would bring him a mountain lion...yum!

  7. I would bring him pillows-as well know that he tears them up!: )
    I LOVE these blocks!!!!!!!!!

  8. Is it too late? I would give him one of those baby backpack, bjorn things to carry the baby in while hunting. :)


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