Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CopyCat Fake Make-up!!!

You know I had to try it!  I have had this fake make-up obsession ever since my big girl Madison was two, ten years ago.  Her crazy daddy has an absolutely NO MAKEUP policy.  Little girls love to put make-up on when mommy does so this has been quite the problem.  I have looked high and low for the last 10 years for an AFFORDABLE and available way to give my baby girl what she wants-her OWN set of fake make-up.  It may be too late for Madison, but Emmalee gets everything Madison always wanted and never received :0)

A few weeks ago I came across Ashley and her post about how she solved my problem!!!  It was love at first sight! 
The kids and I set about making our own set for Emmalee for her second birthday this weekend.  See, it is soooooo easy, even Eli had to try it!  I bought the eyeshadow compact from the Dollar Tree and used a butter knife to pry out the little silver trays the make-up lives in.  I got the NYC nail polish from Walmart for $1 ea.  I decided to go for way-out-there colors to make it more fun for Emmers. 
We have discussed my insane, annal perfectionism in the past.  This was no exception-I really had to try and let go and let Madison and Eli do it.  It isn't that they couldn't, I just always want things perfect.  You should know that there were drops of blue in the orange, orange in the red.  I grabbed a Q-tip when they weren't looking and amazingly enough, the rouge drips came right out!!!
Do you like my shirt?  You can see it in the mirror :0)
Now, I couldn't find skin colored polish for $1-they had it at the dollar store, but it was already hardened solid-so I poured some acrylic paint in my empty powder compact.  It worked great as well, except that I filled the whole thing and am now wondering if it will ever dry all the way down.  Ooops :0)  It will sit on top of the fridge while we are out of town.  If it is not dry by the time we get back, I will peal it out and start over.  I would recommend maybe pouring this in layers.  Maybe 2 or three layers? 

A few tips:
The polish drys over night, but shrinks.  Just refill in the morning and your make-up will be ready the next day.

The orange came from a very small bottle from Salley's Beauty Supply-or more accurately from Madison's polish stash :0)- It was very hard to get that polish to pour.  Good to know when you have little ones that could spill, not so good when you are trying to pour the polish.  We had to get a toothpick and stir it out, thus the orange drips.  If you are buying polish to use, get the jars with the standard sized opening and you will have no problems.

You can probably get three of the above make-ups, if you refill, out of 3-5 bottles.  If you don't refill (I think looks just fine) you can get more!!!  Wouldn't it be fabulous for a 3-4yr old's princess party!?!

We will be examining the possibilities more closely.

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  1. That is such a great idea! We don't really have makeup issues yet since Mummy doesn't wear it :p But I know my girls would just love to pretend with something like this.


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