Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Big Twi-Night

I knew you just couldn't wait to see what our party was like.  Welcome to the front door!  I did mention earlier in the week, but am SO VERY THANKFUL and must mention again, that this gorgeous house is not mine, but the home of my lovely friend Lindsey, who was so, so, so very kind
to let me have my party here!!!
Signs on the door to welcome our guests...
City limits signs
The dinning room...don't look at the contraband chairs I was caught stealing from the church house.  Apparently they are not meant to be borrowed :0)  Luckily we were allowed to take them after trading Emmalee as collateral (Just Kidding :0)

The hanging balls that Madison made, or started, and then finished by my life-saver friend Mary

Placesettings- notice the hand made napkin rings.  I cheated on the name cards and made them in my photoshop program, printing them out to save hours of time!

Isn't this house gorgeous!  Lindsey knows that we are first in line for it when they move.  My children are trying to get her to trade now!  Anyway, my dear husband came home from work early, went to the store, and came home to drill holes in those apples so I could use them as votives!  What a doll!  Hanging plate arrangement on the back wall.  A little twinkle-lightage for the Alice effect.  Printed all the photos from the Hostess with the mostess blog.  Glasses from the dollar store- a 6 pack for a buck!  While I am at the telling-you-how-much-I-spent terrible thing, the table cloth and placemats were made from $1.50/yd fabric from walmart.  They actually have some really cute stuff mixed in there with all that too-ugly-to-touch stuff.
Here is a closer look at the votive-just for Scott 

Centerpieces-made these babies myself!  I wish I would have had some spray glitter.  They needed a little shimmer to be more Edward-esque. 
When the ladies got there, I set them to work building their own Twingo cards.   

My vase conglomeration.  I was waiting for the tulips someone said they had, then didn't bring, so they ended up empty, except for the middle one.  That was a glass block ($1 from Goodwill-couldn't resist telling you about that bargain)
The guests.  I love these girls!  We had a fabulous time.  Many heated discussions about the philosophy and infrastructure of the best book series ever set to film (totally opinion I realize).  
The food!  Man, was it good.  I can say that because each guest brought their own dish to share and I take absolutely no credit!  Yumm!  Italiano of course!
Sorry about the terrible picture.  I desperately need a decent camera.  Anyway, made these water bottles and only took one picture so you have to look at this one to see them.  I made the "eclipse" too big, so watch that when you make yours :0)
The drink station.  Do you prefer Type A or B?  Sorry, fresh out of O.  Kim brought virgin bloody mary's, the other is raspberry sherbet in sprite.
They did come in solid form too if that is your preference :0)
The food was followed up by our Twingo game, then the trivia questions I got from the Patterson A Team  Some of the questions were too easy.  I took those ones off, but there are some really hard ones that stumped even my most obnoxious Twilight-know-it-all friends. 
I ended up printing it (two sided), and had them work in pairs.  I was amazed at how down to business everyone was.  These were some serious trivia participants. 
Then I was time for dessert!  What's that?  You want a closer look?
Yumm, eclairs.  I made them with this recipe.  So easy they turned out the very first time I made them, and all the other times (except for the tragedy of trying to double the recipe one time-don't do that).  They got rave reviews tonight!
Amber brought these.  Gross!  She dipped the apples in chocolate then drizzled them with that strawberry glaze you can use for shortcake.  Very cool looking, if you like Gross!
Do you like my terrible photo editing.  I was trying to block out all the junk I had all over the counter.  Anyway, chocolate cake balls-"forked" of course!
Then we had the Team Edward Marbled Cup Cakes and the Turtle Cheese Cake-minus the nuts 'cause I forgot them :0) oops
Chocolate fountain with strawberries, homemade shortbread cookies, sugar wafers, pretzel rods, bananas, and brownies to dip- Double YuMm
Sonia brought her slushy machine.  I have to say that this was my personal favorite.  I have been craving ice since we hit 100 degrees last week and stayed there, so this chilly treat hit the spot!
I know, enough of the dessert already!  I just loved this picture of my helpers and had to throw it in.  That is me in the middle by the way.  I had to have proof I was there, you know.
I made this too! (wink*wink)  My Madison dressed for the occasion in her red lace skirt and roses in her hair.  She was Soooooo excited for tonight and looked totally fabulous herself!
More shots of my girlfriends.  They love that.  We ran out of time for the twilight pictionary, but ended with the grand exchange of favors.  I will have to post that in a little bit, for now, more girl friends...

Time to go and finally dark enough to see the twinkle in the trees.  This is as close as we get to a forest in Phoenix without a 3 hour drive.  May big, BIG thanks to all my great friends that came to party, brought wonderful food and favors to share, more thanks to those who helped before and after, and even more thanks to Lindsey and her DH for letting us invade their space!  And
Can't wait until June 30th when we will be together again!  OK, a bit over board, but a girl's got to have a little fun!
p.s. you have to know that just about anything I did for this party came from either Here or Here.  If you are thinking about attempting a twi-party, check them out!!!


  1. I wish I lived close by and was your friend... It looks like it was a great party...


  2. Norman Five, you would definitely be invited to my party! I already told you I think we were cut from the same cloth! Thanks for your comment!


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