Friday, June 4, 2010

The Babies Are Coming! The Babies Are Coming!

This darling new mommy just moved in two blocks over.  I went up to her their first week at church, having been assigned to take family pictures of any new people, I thought I would get a jump on things.  I welcomed them, smiling of course, engaged in a little small talk, then asked if I could take their family picture after church.  They said sure.  After church the 18mo. old was cranky and daddy was no where to be found.  We agreed on pictures another day, and parted ways.  Two, count them one-two weeks later, my husband came home and announced, "You know that new family from church?  Did you know they have triplets in the hospital!!!"  I was more than shocked.  I really gave that poor mommy a hard time the next time I saw her.  "What!  You would let me take your family picture when HALF your family is in the HOSPITAL!?!"   Since then, we have been hanging on every breath, waiting to hear that those precious darlings were coming home.  Madison thinks that she, herself, is mother to the trio.  
News finally came that one was coming home.  The other two were going to come home, but things happened and they will need a little longer stay.  Madison and I are always looking for a reason to party, SOOOOOO....We did a little decorating!
They have this hefty tree in the front yard, unusual for around here, and I just knew it would be perfect for a little baby decorating!  My family was stationed in Germany when I was in High School.  I still remember seeing all the baby stuff up on the rooftop when someone had a new arrival.  I thought, for about two seconds, of climbing up on that tile roof, two stories up, and throwing baby clothes everywhere.  I didn't think too many people would appreciate the preciousness of it, and I didn't want to go back up there at 101 degrees(really was today) to try and gather it all back up.  That was when we decided to hang these ornaments instead.
I grabbed a 24" x 14" scrap of hardboard and cut out three of each design. 
except this flower-only got one, but that gave us the inconsistency that perfects things :0)  I actually didn't think about it at the time, just thought three would make a nice odd number of shapes...
but, since there were triplets coming home, it was quite fitting!
My one baby drives me crazy at times.  Can you even imagine 3!!!!  We just can't wait to hold them all, all 3!

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  1. That is so exciting and 3 would be so hard but that is so fun too! I love the decorations. One of my favorite things when I had Allie was coming home to a decorated apartment. It just made me feel so special and made bringing home a new baby even more fun! Good luck to the parents, I hope they get lots of help!

  2. Those are so cute! Such a great welcome home.

  3. Wow that was so cute of you to decorate for the homecoming. I love it. And. Wow I can't even imagine three babies at a time it definitely takes a special person!!!

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