Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've Got a Date Tonight!!!!

The night has ARRIVED!!!  My blessed date with Edward Cullen (ssssh, don't tell Scott :0)
Movie night with the girls!!!
So excited.  Pulled my Obsessive Cullen Disorder T-Shirt out of the closet and realized that, in a maddened frenzy, I cut off the collar last time I wore it-don't ask, guess I haven't worn a regular t-shirt in a while.  Long story short, I needed to repair my half-finished remodel...and quick!
I cut 2.5" off the bottom, sewed it to the neck, then shirred it with elastic thread.  I did 4 rows, tried it on and hated it.  OH NO!!!  Cut two off...better.  Trying it on again I realized that the sleeves were as bothersome as the collar.  Cut them off, 2", shirred the outer edge of those.  Tried it on, still too long!  No problem.  Cut the armpit in, stitched it a little higher....Vwalah!!!
Oh, and threw that piece I cut off the collar on as a little ruffle to accent my fictional leading man.
I haven't done the picture-of-myself-in-the-mirror thing for like 20 years :0)
I threw this picture in too 'cause I couldn't figure out which one I look better in :0)

Now, keys...got em'....money for POPCORN...Score...crafts to do while waiting in line....where's a bag.....  And OUTA HERE!!!!

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  1. See you soon! (Now I know why I'm still waiting- j/k) Love the second picture! I have a picture of myself doing that exact face. LOL!


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