Thursday, June 24, 2010

Emmie's Birthday Dress

I made this Birthday Outfit for my Emmers (Emmalee).  She turned 2 last weekend.  We were in St. George, Utah visiting Great Grandma for the celebration.  She caught sight of these stairs while sight seeing.  I saw a photo op and had to pounce.  (p.s. that squint in Emmie's eyes is her photo face, not the sun  lol)
Look at those stairs.  What two year old could resist!?!
I made the petti skirt out of somewhere near 80 yards of fabric.  I had bottom fluff, but was so afraid I didn't have enough, I had to leave it off for the time being.  I actually made the yolk yellow, but you can't see it.  It is under the overskirt I had to try.  I have been dreaming this one up for ages and finally put it to fabric.  The pink overskirt is separate, and worked so well, I am certain I will have to make more.  Then the petti skirt is so much more useful.
It was starting to get a little hot, thus the rosy cheeks.  Here is my dolly is making is her picture-taking face again.  She is not in pain, that is just what she does when she sees the camera come out.  Nice, huh?

I fought for a long time over what to put on the shirt.  Finally Madison suggested a party hat and I really thing it turned out cute.  I couldn't decide on the fuzzy accents, but finally used eyelash yard, made a pompom for the top, and hand sewed it on loosely for the bottom.  Couldn't have been cuter!
Here is our whole group, Emmers, Dad, Great Grandma, Eli, Me (suddenly feeling short), and Madison.  What a lovely day for pictures :0}
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  1. i loovee your tutu! It's soo pretty... how did you make it so fluffy? Your daughter is very very cute too.

  2. The secret to a fluffy skirt is to make multiple tiers of ruffles. This skirt had the yolk, a first row-2", second row-2", a third row-2". I still need to put on the bottom ruffle but ran out of fabric ooops :0)

    Most petti skirts acutally have two skirts, one on top of the other. I just ruffled one extra and ended up with this. I love it!


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