Friday, June 25, 2010

Princess in the Kitchen Invites

I took the easy way out this time with our Princess in the Kitchen invites.  I grabbed some wooden spoons that came in 4 packs at the dollar store and tied them up with ribbon.  Then I wrapped the invitation (which I lazily printed out) around the handle, and tied the whole thing to a crown I nabbed from the $1 section at Target back in January.  Ta-Dah!!!
Done.  There, wasn't that easy!  Now to finish our play kitchens. 
Here is where we started yesterday, updates coming soon.
And my very happy helper....Birthday girl Emmalee.  It may take me a little longer if she keeps helping ;0)


  1. Wait...what???? You're making kitchenS!! Amazing. I hardly have the patience for one project, much less multiple of the same. Can't wait to see them!

  2. I'm passing on an award to you!! :-)
    Please visit here: to receive it!!
    Jennifer @ The Craft Barn


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