Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ipad Cool Enough To Eat

My friend asked me if I could make this cake for her wedding anniversary.  I looked at the link, groaned, then said, "I can give it my best effort."  I took all three Wilton cake decorating classes as a way to get out of the house after my Eli boy was born.  One lesson was on how to make a fondant cake.  That was the last fondant cake I ever made :0)  To say the least, I was a little worried if I could do it. 
I had seen a recipe for marshmallow fondant floating around all of the recipe sites.  After finding this tutorial, I decided to try it.  I have to say it was VERY successful.  My big argument against fondant (that it tastes terrible) has been dispelled!!!!  It is also rather cheep, coming in at $4 a cake to frost!  How 'bout them apples, I mean cakes :0)

I covered the cake with buttercream frosting, then rolled gray fondant, then with the rectangles that made the screen.  I used my icing coloring paste as paint and painted on the background.  The darker colors I used straight paste, the lighter, I mixed the paste with water.  I actually really enjoyed this part.
Dare I say that while I was making one, I might as well make two!?!  I baked the cake in a cookie sheet, intending to cut in half and stack one side on the other.  My cake ended up too thick to stack, so I had two cakes instead of one.  Surprise!  Can't waste a whole cake, right?  So I decided I would deem one, the good cake, the other the ugly step-child.  OK, a bit harsh, but one would be the owner of all the good app buttons, the other, all the less-than-good app buttons. 
To be totally truthful, my buttons all left much to be desired.  I don't care.  By the time I finished these cakes I had invested over 7 hours of my day (between children's demands for diaper changes, friends, and what seemed like constant snack requests).  I decided the buttons were fine.  Probably the worst thing about the whole day....
As the beautiful master piece/cake walked out the door, and this was what I ended up with.  My floor is covered in powdered sugar.  It was worth it, but did I mention that I went to the midnight show last night, getting home and in bed around 3:30am?  Ugh.  Where is the broom?
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  1. Wow these turned out amazing! Great Job!

  2. How cool is that!!! What a great "bragable". Thanks for sharing!

  3. Those are most impressive!! Buttons schmuttons. They look fantastic!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You are the BOMB! When I heard what you were doing, I had no idea how that was going to turn out but WOW!!!! It is awesome!

    Head's up- Skyler's b-day is coming up in July, I'll be talking to you about a cake. ;)

  5. that is over the top AWESOME!!!

  6. I think you did a fantastic job! My husband always reminds me that we are always harder on our work than others are!

  7. that is sooooo cool! so creative too! if it tasted as good as it looks im sure that was one delicious cake!(:

  8. I'm super impressed!! I think the apps look great! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's kitchen turns into a war zone while doing cakes!!

  9. That is awesome! It doesn't even look like a cake! I can't show this to my husband, he may want one for his birthday! Great Job!

  10. Great iPad cake(s)! Wish I had a real iPad. . . .

  11. I wanted to stop by and let you know that your project has been featured from Wednesday's Boardwalk Bragfest. Congratulations on your wonderful "bragable"! You can see your feature here:

    Please feel free to take a "featured" button, and thank you for sharing your project. I hope to see you on the Boardwalk again very soon!


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