Monday, May 20, 2013

10yr Old Quilt...Done!

Sweet Mary let me set up this quilt frame in her basement last week.  I finally sewed that final row of squares on to the bottom of this quilt and was ready to tie it.

Originally I had visions of quilting it, but since the topper has been sitting around since my Eli boy was one, it is probably time to just get 'er done!  Back during our BYU days, me at home with my two munchkins waiting for our grown-up lives to start, I purchased a pile of $1/yd fabric from Walmart.  

I used the pattern "The Minnesota Hot Dish" {purchased in Bemidji, Minnesota the previous summer during our whole family trip up north}.  I loved the pattern so much I even made two other quilts from the same pattern, just never got around to finishing this one.  I intended to applique frogs or soccer balls on top to make it more boy-ish for Eli, but obviously let go of that dream too.

Here is what it looks like when opened up.  

Probably of all the projects I have finished up to this point, this quilt was the one I have been the most excited about.  I don't know if it is because it has been waiting the longest, or perhaps deep down inside I never did see myself working on it again.  I do really think it is because looking at the pattern and touching the fabrics brought me back to that magical, hopeful moment in our lives.  We were waiting for the end of the last year of Scott's Master's program.  I was loving and snuggling on two adorable cuddlers.  We would play at the sandbox all day, then I would pull this quilt out and sew a little while the munchkins slept.  We had so many hopes and dreams of how life would be after graduation, when life would really begin.  

Even though very little of life turned out as we hoped, and many a day I wish I were back in those simpler days {even though we were also poorer}, those days are fond memories.  I am so grateful for the moments last week to be able to work once again on that quilt, and much like my life, not finish it like I had hoped, but finished it still I did!

Here is the scrappy backside.  I love to use all the scraps to make the back of the quilt!!!

Go grab those unfinished projects lurking in your closets, under your beds, or moving closer to the trash bin. You might just be surprised at how much joy it brings you to finish them :0}

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