Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fancy Pants To Saucy Skirt

Madison had an adorable pair of jean capris that she was so sad to get rid of.  They got those annoying inner-thigh holes that are so uncomfortable when patched.  We decided to try one of those jean skirts from the 80's that start out jean and end up fabulous fabric.  After a long trip to the fabric store, we came home with this gold lace and lining. 

I had 1.5 yds.  We actually purchased the fabric months ago during our "hotel period" of the Sioux Falls stay.  I was  little worried that it would not be enough fabric, but it ended up just right for the size 14 pair of pants. We cut the pants off just below the zipper, sewed the fabric into a tube, then folded over the bias end of the fabric under and ran a running stitch around the folded edge.  The fabric was distributed evenly around the pants and then sewn in place.

This skirt was totally fast and easy!  It made me want to make more, more, MoRE!!!

Madison made this cute, scrappy flower from the skirt scraps, in addition to some other scraps she found around the sewing room.  Totally cute!  I think the flower makes the skirt.

I might have to make one for me ;0}

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