Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day Goofy Gifts

I need to warn you that these are kinda goofy, but that is how I do things ;0)
I was trying to think of what would make a good Mother's Day gift on a very invisible budget.  My mind was not surfacing anything note-worthy.  Finally I started thinking about what I wanted for a gift.  I must have been folding laundry at the time, because I was struck by how tattered my dish towels had become :0)

That was when I decided hand towels would be a great gift.  What mom wouldn't appreciate a fresh towel?  Most women are wiping their dishes down with towels they got from their wedding, right?

Now to come up with a cute way to give those towels....

While I had plans to make this flower a little nicer, here is the strip-down model.  I bought a pack of 3/8" dowels from Hobby Lobby, 12" long.  To make one flower you also need one green dish cloth, one kitchen towel {any color}, and a scrubby for the flower center.  I attached everything with rubber bands, but have every intention of wrapping curling ribbon or something like that around the rubber bands to hide them.  I will try and come back tomorrow to give you the play-by-play instructions, but I figured the picture and shopping list would be a good place to start.

I also made this tag to go with my dish towel flower.  You can download it HERE with Dropbox.  It can be printed by the sheet, or send this image over to be printed as a photo. 

Right along with the same theme is a potholder set, complete with dish scrubber shaped into a heart.

Here is the back.  You can see where I pinned with straight pins to give it that heart shape.

Here is the tag that goes with the pot holder.  This could work for an occasion other than Mother's Day too.  Any of the tags can be downloaded from the same Dropbox file HERE

Here is the tag for my next gift idea.  

Same thing with the dishtowels, but you can also give Mom a cute little bowl, or a set of bowls, with anything red on top as the cherry.  I bought my towels from Target, the bowl was $2 at Walmart, and the cherry in this treat is a small bottle of body wash found in the travel section near the beauty products at Target.  I found some adorable yellow bowls at The Dollar Tree {I totally want a set myself!}, but when I opened the door to my trunk after shopping, the bag with the yellow bowl fell to the ground and everything inside shattered :0(

Guess I will have to gently nudge Madison...

My last gift I totally forgot to make up.  

I always had a pack of paper tablets and a bag of pens as a prize at bunco and it was ALWAYS one of the first prizes to go.  Mom's are always hunting around for paper and pen to write with.  That was what inspired this tag, also found HERE with Dropbox. 

I will try and get these ideas all wrapped up so you can see the finished product, but I hope they got your mind going with gift ideas.
They are all a little goofy, but fit into a tight budget while still adding a little fun to what would otherwise be a necessary, but boring gift.

Happy Spring!

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