Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3 Finished from the Pile of Fun

Project 3: Floppy Ruffle {Oh My!}

This lilac lovely is a skirt that came unraveled probably a year ago.  I am really on top of things, aren't I?  Lets just focus on the fact I am fixing it now ;0}

In all honesty I had every intention of just laying this on my sewing machine, trying to scrunch up the ruffle and sewing over the top.  Then I figured it wouldn't look as good and you would be even less impressed with me, so I pulled out my needle and thread to fix the ruffle to right way.  Thank you, thank you for making me accountable to someone!

Long story short, needle, thread, running stitch to gather...

Lay skirt in place on sewing machine, spread ruffle out evenly across empty spot, and top stitch.


Now, go ahead.  Point out which row I did myself...

Hah!  It totally worked.  Project number 3 DONE!
{Hey, I might be able to do this 30 in 30 after all...quilts in my near future.  Watch out!}

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