Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Am Counting It As Two!

This past week has been just a little hard to swallow.  I have tried to make it through without getting too overwhelmed at the huge amount of work waiting to be done.  Finally late Saturday night I got to start my long awaited door project.

The first week we were in the house, the doors sat in the corner of the craft room begging to be played with.  Once I was finally exhausted by every other room in the house, I started trying to organize my craft room.

It was a little difficult with Madison running full force on her projects in the center of the room and Emmalee baking up a storm with her newly discovered play kitchen toys {fresh out of the moving boxes}.  Saturday night I kicked both girls out of the room and set to sprucing up my doors.  

I found this cute rosy pink quilt at Savers.  I went there looking for a sheet of some sort, but the quilt was all the more perfect for the look I was going for.  I cut the quilt into thirds, then used thumb tacks to stick the fabric to the back of the doors.   

Finally!!!  I had been dreaming of doing the fabric and screwing the hinges back on the doors all week.  It was so rewarding to finally do the one thing I wanted to do all along.

Now for part two...
With the doors in the corner of the room, I thought it would be fun to have a little crafty display on top.  Monday night, after another dreary, gloomy, rainy day, I mustered up the energy to go out in the disaster of a garage I have and look for loose boards that could be used for the top shelf.  I managed to find enough, cut them at the proper angle, paint them and nail them to the top of the doors.  
I had to list each step there because each one seemed like an enormous mountain to climb since nothing had been put away or was easy to find.

It only took a few more minutes to get the pile of craftiness up on top there, and BAM!
I love my little bit of heaven in this crazy, disorganized place we SewCakeMakers call home :0}

If only I could figure out how all three of us girls are going to all fit in this room while working on our creations.  I guess that will come later.  For now, back to work.  I will be back later though.  I have a bunch of other projects to show you!!!

Happy Crafting!

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