Friday, May 31, 2013

Overflowing With Joy

OK, This little project was going out on a limb just a bit.  It also really reveals my weird sense of humor, possibly a little too much :0}

I am finally getting around to blogging a couple of the projects I did back in Sioux Falls while we were homelessly waiting for school to get out so we could move to Minnesota with Papa Bear.  I made these back at that same time as the High Heel Cupcakes, while staying at my friend Lindsey's house.  Can I just say, I have the best friends EVER!  They know that when Vanessa makes a visit, there will be crafts and craft disaster everywhere.  Somehow...they still let me come over!

Anyway, I wanted a fun, and can I say CHEEP, little something that I could give my friends from Young Women's or that the kids could give to their favorite teachers.  That was when we came up with the plunger craft.

Just hang in there a little bit longer.  I promise, it gets better.

We visited Dollar Tree and found the plungers there for $1!
Life living between two states was rather expensive and the budget didn't have a lot of room for extras.  I could totally do $1.

I unscrewed the handles.  When I say "I", I mean Madison.  Then I cut them down to about 12" {again, when I say "I" I mean Lindsey's husband.  Yep.  I even put him to work}

Here are my lovely plunger heads drying in the warm Worthington, Minnesota sun on Lindsey's lawn.  I am sure the neighbors thought them lovely lawn ornaments :0)

After that, it was an easy project to finish.  We just screwed the handles back onto the heads, put the plungers in treat bags purchased at Walmart, topped them off with a $1 box of candy {also Walmart}, tied them shut with curling ribbon, then glued on a flower magnet {as an added bonus-flowers purchased at the dollar store}  I am figuring the plungers costing me about $2.50 each.  Not bad!

So here is a close-up and tags to go with each!
The tags, as if anyone would want a tag to go with a gift plunger :0)
can be downloaded HERE!  The tags are the perfect size to print up as photos at your local photo lab.

And there you have it.  Crazy little gifts to show our appreciation to friends and teachers before moving on to wetter pastures.  I was seriously wondering if Minnesota HAD a sun in their sky until this morning.  There is finally sunlight streaming into my room this morning.  YES!  I am very tempted to throw everything off my schedule and just go outside to soak up a few much needed rays.
Sunny wishes to you too today!


  1. LOVE THIS! I am always looking for new teacher appreciation ideas since Isaiah has had the same teachers for 2 years and now Eli will be having those same teachers for 2 years. I really like the cheap factor too. This year the boys had 8 teachers and I do a little give every day of Teacher Appreciation week so I had to be as frugal as possible. I will definitely be using this next year.

  2. you are so weird.....I love you

    1. Thank you ;0) I love being loved despite my weirdness!!! I can only promise there will be more to come {tee-hee]

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