Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Armoire Doors Finished At Last!!!

Remember my armoire I bought a year or two ago at the Goodwill Half Price Saturday sale???
Well, I have totally loved it.  After the two bigger moves this past year, the crown molding is a little worse for wear, but no worries.  That has been added to the new project list!

What has been pretty low on my to-do list is finishing the inside of the doors.  Don't ask me why it has escaped my attention for so long.  I guess after you stare at something day after day it kinda starts looking normal.

Today was the day for change!
I found this awesome printed fabric at Joanns and I was dying to try the whole starching fabric thing!

Here is what I did...
First, I measured the space for the fabric, then cut my fabric to fit.  
***Note- My fabric ended up shrinking a bit more than desired.  I cut the bias off the fabric, then used that edge for the height of the doors.  I should have cut the fabric a little longer to allow for shrinkage.  Know what direction your fabric shrinks and allow for an extra 2" or so of fabric.***

I grabbed my jug of liquid starch.  It is usually used for laundry, but I have never used it for that purpose ;0)
It also makes a great product to keep in your crafting closet for just such an occasion.

I poured starch into a bowl, un-diluted.  

With a regular sponge I coated the area where I wanted the fabric with the starch.

Starting from the top of the space, I placed the fabric in one corner, then smoothed to the opposite corner along the top of the door.  It is a good idea to secure your fabric with a push pin to keep it from falling.

Work your way down the door, being very careful not to pull the fabric with you.  

Now would be a good time to tell you, thinner fabric is easier to adhere with starch :0|
I realized this fact later, but it still worked with my duck-cloth-like fabric.  If I do this again, and I will!, I will go for the basic cotton fabric more from the quilters section than the home decor section.

When I got to the bottom of this door there was about a 1/4" over lap.  I noticed that the top had shrunk down a tad.  That is where the whole first door took a turn for the worse.  I ended up peeling the whole piece of fabric off and starting over.  During all of that process, the fabric REALLY SHRUNK.

OK, listen to me!  Do not use dry-clean only fabric for this project :0)
We all learn things the hard way some time or another, right?

I decided to just go with the flow.  I knew it was entirely too likely that I would be adding more later, like ribbon around the edge or huge fabric flowers or something, so I just let the shrinkage go.  

For some reason the second door didn't shrink like the first.  I am guessing it has something to do with me NOT ripping it off the door and starting over.  

In the end, I was super happy with how it turned out.  See?  Much better!


Love it!  My inner armoire doors, finally finished at last!

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